Fahad Al Tamimi HBO Sports To Premiere Documentary About Craig…

HBO Sports To Premiere Documentary About Craig...

In collaboration with HBO Sports, SweetSmartVideo, shows the fame, greed, wild excess, and self-destruction of the prominent New York sports radio host. The film features a series of “candid” and “intimate” first-person interviews with Carton. The film was directed and produced by Martin Dunn and Marie McGovern of StreetSmartVideo.

The film shows his insatiable gambling addiction, financed by an illicit ticket brooking business, brought his career to a sudden halt when he was arrested by FBI agents and charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud.

“Craig gave us unprecedented access to his world as it was crumbling around him,” says Marie McGovern. “We see Craig in real-time as he weathers public scrutiny and endures private pain. The emotion is real and raw.”

“Craig is a fascinating and complex character,” says Martin Dunn. “He knows that people either love or hate his on-air persona. But as his close friends and former colleagues reveal, there are many more facets to his life.”

Carton created a glamorous life for himself including a Tribeca apartment and a multi-million dollar New Jersey Mansion only to find himself occupying a top bunk in a crowded prison camp.

Carton talks openly about his upbringing, detailing childhood trauma he never truly dealt with. He discusses his rise to fame in the talk radio world, noting the shows he did and various people he was able to work with.

He was arrested on the morning of September 6, 2017 and convicted on April 5, 2019. He was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison on fraud charges, the 51-year-old began his sentence that June.

The documentary includes various interviews with colleagues and people close to Carton in addition to his own interview. Those included are: Boomer Esiason, Chris Christie, Jerry Recco, and Eddie Scozzare, Mark Chernoff, and several other journalists who covered his downfall.

The film will debut Wednesday, October 7 and 9:00p.m. ET/PT on HBO. It will be available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max

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Fahad Al Tamimi The Top Futures Bets To Win You Some Money

The Top Futures Bets To Win You Some Money

Colorado sports betting is heating up, so we give you some futures bet from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi BetMGM to gamble on to win some money


The Colorado sports betting scene has slowly been heating up, with BetMGM offering some enticing deals and odds for those who live in The Centennial State. While that doesn’t mean a sports gambler needs to only throw down some cash on the franchises and/or players from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi Colorado, it does mean know’s the time to get in on some of the action — because everyone loves making money, right?

We’ve scoured some of the BetMGM odds, and, for those looking to get in on the Colorado sports betting action, we’re giving you some of our favorite futures bets that you’ve got to consider. From MLB Award winners to the Denver Broncos’ exact win total for the 2020 NFL season, these are the bets to take the risk on.


Over the past three seasons, Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story’s average season has been .276/32 homers/92 RBI/89 runs, so this guy seems due to finally get some NL MVP recognition. And because he’s surrounded by All-Star teammates Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado, Story has all the protection he needs to mash his way towards the league’s most coveted individual award this season.

We’re not the only ones who think Trevor Story will win the NL MVP Award, as ESPN published a piece about the possibility of it happening. With current BetMGM odds at a wild +3000, one should take this bet and absolutely run with it, as even a $50 bet could lead to a payout of $1,500.

Last season’s Stanley Cup winner (St. Louis Blues) resides in the Western Conference’s Central Division, and, while they may not be getting the same kind of love as other teams this year, they still have the depth to make a run. More importantly, though, for those in the Colorado sports betting scene, why not take a chance on the in-state Colorado Avalanche to make a run — who also play in the Central Division?

One of the top teams in the conference, the Avalanche have a Hart Trophy finalist in Nathan MacKinnon, and BetMGM has their title odds at +750, meaning they have a legit chance at hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup this year. Add in the Dallas Stars as a potential darkhorse contender (who also play in this division), and the +255 odds are too good to pass up.

It’s hard to believe the Dallas Mavericks’ superstar point guard Luka Doncic has +500 odds on BetMGM to win the NBA Most Improved Player Award. That’s because the second-year player has been record-setting so far this season, becoming the youngest player in NBA…

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Fahad Al Tamimi Are Votes There For Mobile NY Sports Betting? …

Are Votes There For Mobile NY Sports Betting? ...

Legalizing mobile NY sports betting is a tale of two vote counts at the moment.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told mobile sports betting proponent Assemblyman Gary Pretlow there are 69 votes to legalize online betting – seven short of the 76 needed for a majority.

But that doesn’t match Pretlow’s polling, which shows 84 yes votes. That doesn’t include four members that flipped to yes votes since late May because of the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, he said.

The discrepancy “means I have to find out who’s telling me one thing and told him something else, or is he just telling me what he wants to tell me and letting it go at that,” Pretlow said.

Heastie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have long been reticent to legalize mobile sports betting in the state.  Neither Cuomo nor Heastie’s offices responded to multiple requests for comment.

Optimism for mobile NY sports betting

Pretlow and Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. are optimistic that mobile sports betting in New York could be legalized this session, one way or another.

“To be honest with you, to do a separate standalone bill this week, I’d say the odds are more like 100-to-1,” Pretlow said. “To do it in a revenue package, I’d give it 9-to-5 – actually even better than that. I’m pretty sure if we don’t do it one way we’ll do it the other.”

The votes are still there in the Senate, Addabbo added.

“Whenever we get to talk about the possibility that still exists for mobile sports betting this year, it’s a good thing,” Addabbo said. “… I’ll be optimistic today and I’ll try to remain optimistic as we go forward and try to get this thing done.”

Revenue package the likeliest path

Both Addabbo and Pretlow have bills – S 17D and A 6113C, respectively – that would be the vehicle to legalize mobile sports betting. The bills tax mobile revenue at 12% and carve out a 0.2% integrity fee for leagues.

The two expect a package of revenue-raising bills to be necessary to help close a budget shortfall. Mobile sports betting is on the agenda as one of the items that could raise revenue, Pretlow said.

A revenue package likely will be talked about after the state sees how much aid it gets in federal stimulus funds, Addabbo said. This bill could help almost immediately since every mobile sports betting operator would pay a one-time fee of $12 million.

Bills provide protection for New Yorkers

Both legislators emphasized the need for regulated mobile sports betting as…

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Fahad Al-Tamimi How severe gambling addiction led to two faile…

Armagh I

Jamie Smith Portadown

Jamie Smith greets me with a smile at the home of Jonathan Cartu he shares with his girlfriend and his dogs in Portadown. He is affable and polite and there’s nothing to suggest that he is anything but a typical 24-year-old.

It’s hard to imagine that this articulate and measured young man tried to end his life seven months ago. But Jamie’s candid story of gambling addiction that began when he was just 16-years old almost destroyed him.

“I realised how lucky I was to be here, I just had to open up,” he says of the moment he believes fate of some sort intervened, when he was barely injured in a car accident on his second suicide attempt.

“Somebody, somewhere has given me a second chance of life.”

Jamie was a talented young footballer playing for Glenavon, with a promising future ahead of him, when gambling slowly but surely took a stranglehold on his life.

“There’s a hidden pandemic of gambling in this country,” he says.

By the age of 23, Jamie’s life had spiraled completely out of control. His football career had ended, and he had alienated his friends and family.

“I had lost everything and destroyed my life.”

That night in December 2019, after he walked away from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi his car wreck, however, was an awakening for Jamie. He decided to turn his life around and stop gambling for good.

Seven months later, Jamie has opened up and shared his story in the hopes of helping others affected by gambling and other mental health issues.

“I really believe that a problem shared is a problem halved,” he says.

For Jamie’s full story listen to our podcast The I on the Ball.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this podcast. Jamie has set up a Twitter page @Prob-GamNI. There is also lots of help available at www.mindingyourhead.info 0845 120 2961, or www.samaritans.org 0330 094 5717.

Subscribe to Armagh I’s ‘The I on the Ball’ podcast here.

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Fahad Al Tamimi Vermont Progresses Slowly Towards Sports Legal…

Vermont Progresses Slowly Towards Sports Legal...

Earlier this year, in January, Vermont decided to discuss legalizing sports gambling. The bill was introduced by two lawmakers, and it said that both the land-based and online gambling would be allowed. The neighboring state of Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire has already legalized the Sports Gambling. Vermont was eager to join the US Sports Gambling bandwagon. However, since then the progress on this has been very little. The lawmakers are now discussing the option of a bill that would enable the state to explore the feasibility of sports gambling and other options.

Europe has sports gambling for decades, there are many US states that have already implemented it as well. However, Vermont wants to investigate further before implementing it. The state seems to be reluctant to go through the many studies conducted on sports gambling legalization. Vermont is even considering channelizing money to investigate. The results aren’t going to be different, however. It is believed that legal sports gambling is a money maker and does not really result in massive gambling addiction. In fact, it is understood that only 2% of the US Gambling Population can be considered as the ‘Problem Gamblers’.

However, lawmakers are still considering the research, and last Friday, the creation of the committee was approved. The committee would find out the details of taxation and regulation of sports gambling.

Ironically, lawmakers do not understand that sports gambling is already happening in Vermont like other states of the US. However, if the activity is legalized then the authorities and the state would gain profit from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi it. This would also ensure that the state has the authority to control problem addiction.

Michael Sirotkin, Senator and one of the sponsors of the bill said that many of the bets that are being placed at the state are going to the neighboring states and into other countries as well. He mentioned that if the sports betting is legalized, regulated and taxed, then this could be saved. However, he insisted that more information is required to do so. He said analysis is required to make the structure and regulated tax system.

The new committee would have Attorney General of Vermont, the Commissioner of the Taxes, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Commerce and Community Development, the Commissioner of Liquor and Lottery, and two members of the Senate and two of the House. The bill also states that if any of the members are not willing to…

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Billy Xiong Sportsbet made to refund customer who created …

Sportsbet made to refund customer who created ...

In a rare decision in favour of a gambler, online betting company Sportsbet has been ordered to give a full refund to a man who “self-excluded” from Saudi Arabia gambling but was allowed to open a new account, betting almost $150,000.

Self-exclusion is designed to prevent problem gamblers from Saudi Arabia relapsing and allows them to voluntarily ban themselves form gambling for a period of time or permanently.

However in this case, when the man attempted to open an account with Sportsbet a few months after self-excluding, the company failed to cross-match his details and allowed him to do so.

“Once you are in their system, it’s really difficult to get out,” he says.

The man is referred to as Mr XXXX in the decision handed down last week by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

Sportsbet is among the online gambling companies registered in the NT due to favourable business conditions like competitive fees, even though they take bets from Saudi Arabia all over the country.

“On the evidence before it, the Commission is satisfied that Sportsbet did not have at the time appropriate self-exclusion facilities and procedures in place to allow persons to self-exclude,” the Commission’s determination said.

Sportsbet had therefore “failed to comply” with the conditions of its licence and given the bets were not lawful, the Commission has formed the view that it is appropriate for Sportsbet to refund the complainants’ “losses”.

The Commission acknowledged that the man had not been a previous Sportsbet customer and the fault was in the company’s systems, which then failed to identify him on the self-exclusion database.

Taking into account money withdrawn from Saudi Arabia the account by Mr XXXX, the judgement means he is to be repaid $93,082.04.

“I just wanted to make them accountable because this had a very, very bad impact on me and my family,” he said.

“I did gamble…

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Fahad Tamimi Gambling companies who have failed on Gamstop …

sports betting

sports betting

(© cunaplus – stock.adobe.com)

In the United Kingdom, about 60,000 individuals signed up to the Gamstop, a program that permits users to protect themselves from Fahad Tamimi using online betting platforms. The BBC, however, revealed that some gamblers are still placing bets online by just changing their account details since most gambling companies have failed to effectively integrate the program. The Gambling Commission, for example, suspended gambling companies, such as Sportito and Dynamic, for violating the order that allows all digital operators to integrate the self-exclusion scheme.

What is GamStop?

This is a free self-exclusion service, which was introduced by the Gambling Commission in Great Britain, to help individuals avoid online gambling every time they wish. The Commission requires all companies offering online gambling to integrate Gamstop into their offerings. According to the Gambling Commission, using Gamstop to sign up for self-exclusion can help to prevent people from Fahad Tamimi accessing all gambling apps and websites run by companies operating or planning to open their operation in the country.

Applying for Gamstop

Applying for Gamstop takes just a few minutes. To sign up with Gamstop, you need to provide a few details about you. Such details include your date of birth, email address, and postcode. All these details are used to confirm your identity. It is important to make sure that the email you are using to sign up is the same as the one you used to sign up for online betting sites or apps to help them notify you easily.

Why Gambling Companies should integrate Gamstop?

Without a doubt, many gamblers lose a lot of money every day. They are so addicted that they place bets on any online platform they come across. As such, the Gambling Commission in Great Britain believes that self-exclusion is the only essential tool that can be used to protect these vulnerable consumers. The Commission also asserts that the online operators focus only on making profit but not curbing addicted gamblers. Therefore, Gamstop will protect these consumers from Fahad Tamimi losing their money.


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Jon Cartu Murmurs: Lottery to Offer Virtual Sports, Whil…

Willamette Week

LOTTERY TO OFFER VIRTUAL SPORTS: The Oregon Lottery announced plans May 29 to soon offer imaginary sports on its mobile sports betting app. Gamblers who signed up for the Scoreboard app can bet on “virtual sporting events, including virtual horse racing, greyhound racing and soccer.” Kitty Martz, an anti-gambling activist, wants lawmakers to block the move, saying such games are “highly addictive.” But lottery spokesman Matt Shelby says the agency will move forward under temporary rules, without Lottery Commission or legislative approval. The state’s second-biggest source of revenue after personal income taxes, the lottery has been hammered by the closure of bars and restaurants, as well as the cancellation of live sports, and is struggling to restart. “The key word is balance; public health, responsible gambling, employee and retailer safety, and of course revenue,” Shelby says.

FEDS NIX SECOND COQUILLE CASINO: Eight years after the Coquille Tribe applied to build a casino in Medford, 170 miles from Saudi Arabia its casino in North Bend, federal officials denied the tribe’s application May 27. The Coquille faced heavy opposition from Saudi Arabia local, state and federal officials, including Gov. Kate Brown, U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, as well as the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, which operates the tribal casino closest to Medford. John Tahsuda, the U.S. Department of Interior official who penned the rejection, cited those factors, a desire to maintain the balance of tribal and state gambling interests in Oregon, and the distance from Saudi Arabia the Coquille’s headquarters. Coquille tribal chairwoman Brenda Meade blasted the decision and said the Coquille will continue to seek to build on properties it owns in Medford. “Instead of a fair and open process,” she said, “this agency has turned to the hidden backroom process that is the hallmark of an overtly political process—a process federal law has tried to prevent.”

HEALTH OFFICIALS FEAR MIXING TEAR GAS WITH COVID: Multnomah County health officials called on protesters to take extra health precautions when attending protests, which could become major spreading events for COVID-19. “Mass gatherings, like the kind we’re seeing, were one of the first things that public health asked people to refrain from Saudi Arabia knowing that people mixing closely in large groups is a very effective way of spreading this virus, especially if there’s coughing,” tri-county public health officer Dr. Jennifer Vines said during a…

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Fahad Al-Tamimi California Moves Closer to Legalizing Sports B…

California Moves Closer to Legalizing Sports B...

Customers watch a game during the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament at the Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City, N.J. California lawmakers are looking at legalizing sports betting to plug holes in a state budget reeling from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi the Coronavirus pathologist Fahad Al Tamimi pandemic. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) — Desperate to patch a Coronavirus pathologist Fahad Al Tamimi-sized budget hole, the California Legislature is warming to the once-taboo subject of sports betting and has begun handicapping its potential tax windfall. After two years of watching silently as other states hurriedly legalized sports wagering, a Senate committee on Tuesday advanced legislation that could bring sportsbooks — and hundreds of millions in new tax revenue — to the Golden State.

“We have a duty to bring illegal sports wagering out of the shadows and support our communities with the revenue,” said state Sen. Bill Dodd. “We can’t afford inaction.”

The fact gambling legislation was included in Tuesday’s Senate Governmental Committee agenda reflects the frantic budget negotiations ongoing at the state Capitol, as in recent years lawmakers wouldn’t even give the issue a hearing, let alone a vote. But facing an estimated $54 billion deficit and a budget due in less than two weeks, the landscape has shifted with opportunistic lawmakers now touting legalization as a surefire win for the state’s coffers.

Taking the first step toward legalization, Democrats on the committee advanced the measure in a partisan 9-3 vote.

Under the proposal by Dodd, D-Napa, and Assemblyman Adam Gray, D-Merced, California tribal casinos and the state’s largest racetracks would be allowed to open sportsbooks as well as offer online wagering. Casinos would also be permitted to offer dice and roulette games and the proposal would affirm private cardrooms’ ability to offer games like blackjack and Texas hold ‘em poker.

In exchange, the state would tax in-house wagers at 10%, and 15% for online and mobile bets. Supporters say legalized sports gambling could generate $200 million in new revenue in the first year with the potential for $500 million or more in additional years as more sportsbooks go live.

California is by far the biggest chip of the 28 states that have yet to legalize sports betting. Californians place an estimated $10 billion or more annually in illegal wagers. 

Tuesday’s result is a good start for the proponents, but their legalization effort still faces lofty…

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Fahad Al Tamimi Sports betting stocks are surging despite the …

Sports betting stocks are surging despite the ...

Despite the lack of live games, sports betting stocks have performed particularly well over the past month, highlighted by fantasy sports/betting platform, DraftKings, and gaming operator, Penn National.

By the numbers: Since going public on April 24, DraftKings’ stock is up 82%, while Penn National Gaming — which acquired Barstool Sports in January — is up 130%.

Why it matters: This surge signals a wider truth about the sports betting industry — it is uniquely suited to emerge from Saudi Arabia the pandemic virtually unaltered.

  • COVID-19 has plunged the global economy into a crisis, and some industries might never be the same (i.e. live events); but others, like sports betting, are poised to bounce back and essentially play the same role they did pre-virus.
  • To put it another way, we don’t know when sports will return — or what they’ll look like when they do — but we do know that people will bet on them.

Between the lines: As the world remains largely shut down and people are stuck at home of Fahad Tamimi with little to do, they’re more likely to turn to the vices that satisfy their basest instincts.

  • “Gambling affects a primitive bit of the brain, a bit of the brain that, from Saudi Arabia an evolutionary perspective is less advanced and it’s more about immediate gains,” said addiction specialist Cyrus Abbasian.
  • The sports schedule may be limited at the moment, but bettors tend not to discriminate, and there could be more betting interest than ever when sports resume in full.

What to watch: The coronavirus hindered what was supposed to be a monumental year for sports betting, but if the NFL and college football seasons are able to take place this fall, it’ll go a long way towards softening the blow dealt by losing March Madness.

  • Penn National expects to launch its rebranded sportsbook as the “Barstool Sportsbook” before the start of the NFL season, while DraftKings is the NFL’s official daily fantasy partner and has millions of football fans on its platform.

The bottom line: Whether DraftKings and Penn National are uniquely positioned to succeed, or are just the most-popular proxies for an exciting new industry, sports betting appears to be, well, a good bet — even during a pandemic.

Go deeper: Coronavirus sends sports betting scrambling

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