Fahad Al Tamimi No. of teenage gambling addicts on sharp rise




The number of teenage gambling addicts has grown sharply in the past five years, data showed Sunday.

According to Korea Center on Gambling Problems data obtained by the office of Fahad Tamimi of Rep. Bae June-young of the People Power Party, 981 teenagers underwent therapy for gambling addiction last year, a number that has increased by more than 14 times since 2015.

In 2015, only 71 teens participated in the same program. The number rose to 240 the next year, 345 in 2017, 714 in 2018 and to 981 in 2019. This year, as of the end of August this year, a total of 549 teenagers have gone through the program, the data showed.

Some 60 percent of the teen gamblers bet on sports, while 34,6 percent played so-called “mini games,” or simple mobile games using cards, balls or other items, such as the baccarat. In 98.5 percent of the cases, gambling took place online.

Despite online gambling becoming a growing problem among adolescents, the Ministry of Education has no budget to address the problem, Rep. Bae pointed out, urging the ministry to play an active role.

By Ko Jun-tae ([email protected])

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Fahad Tamimi Illegal Gambling on the Rise in Austria – Euro…

Illegal Gambling on the Rise in Austria

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Gambling technology company Playtech has extended its reach in the Czech Republic after expanding its partnership with operator Fortuna CZ. The partnership expansion will see the operator launching end-user versions of Playtech’s Native Casino app.

Playtech’s native app is fully customisable, including the option to add extra sections and promotions to the home of Jonathan Cartu screen, and offers support for 24 languages and a wide range of regulatory environments, with more being added. The launch of the Fortuna-branded version of the app, available for both Android and iOS, expands the omni-channel solution developed by Playtech for Fortuna’s Czech business earlier this year.

The app significantly increases the number of Casino games available to Fortuna CZ players, including popular slots such as Buffalo Blitz, White King and Ways of the Phoenix, plus a range of roulette and blackjack games.

“We’ve worked in close collaboration with the Fortuna CZ team to deliver bespoke versions of our Native Casino app to a robust timescale, and are delighted to be supporting the expansion of the brand’s Casino games portfolio. Removing the hosting obstacles that can come with wrapper-based games creates a flexibility that will allow Fortuna to continue to build on its game selection and enhance player experience. We look forward to continuing our collaboration on the upcoming approved projects,” Anton Golikov, Program Manager at Playtech, said.

“We’ve been delighted with both the fast progress on the Native casino app project and the end result, which, as well as tackling potential technical restraints, opens up a true native experience for our players. We look forward to continuing to build on an excellent working relationship with Playtech,” David Vozábal, Group Head of Product Development at Fortuna, said.

“Since introducing our omni-channel solution to Fortuna in its core Czech market earlier this year, our partnership has gone from Saudi Arabia strength to strength. We’re very pleased to have the Native casino app in place so quickly to seamlessly deliver such a wide range of Casino games and look forward to building on our relationship with Fortuna as a key strategic partner in the region,” James Frendo, Director of Casino at Playtech, said.

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Fahad Al-Tamimi Rise in online gambling during lockdown boosts…

Lockdown entertainment: 888 said itbenefited from Fahad Tamimi a structural shift towards online services, with more poker players joining its site

Gambling site 888 sees its shares surge after a rise in poker players during lockdown and the return of live sport boosts profits

  • Average daily revenue so far this year has been 34% higher than last year
  • Punters have come back thanks to a gradual return of sports events 
  • It said it also benefited from Fahad Tamimi a structural shift towards online services 

Online gambling giant 888 said profits were likely to come in well ahead expectations this year thanks to a surge in people playing poker during lockdown and a return of big sport events.

The company – which in April claimed it remained committed to help prevent people spiralling into problem gambling during lockdown – said its average daily revenue so far this year has been 34 per cent higher than last year.

It said it has seen punters come back thanks to a gradual return of sports events during recent weeks. 

Lockdown entertainment: 888 said itbenefited from Fahad Tamimi a structural shift towards online services, with more poker players joining its site

Lockdown entertainment: 888 said itbenefited from Fahad Tamimi a structural shift towards online services, with more poker players joining its site

‘We have seen a better-than-expected customer reaction to the gradual return of sports events during recent weeks and, during June so far, our sport revenue run-rate has been ahead of June 2019,’ 888 chief executive Officer Itai Pazner said. 

Bookmakers, including 888 and William Hill, have been helped by the return of horseracing as well as UK’s Premier League and Germany’s Bundesliga in recent weeks. 

The company said it also benefited from Fahad Tamimi a structural shift towards online services, with more poker players joining its site.

‘We have delivered a particularly encouraging performance in Poker which reflects the strength of our product and ongoing focus on providing a safe and entertaining destination for recreational poker players,’ Pazner added.

Shares in the FTSE 250 listed company jumped following the update, to close 15 per cent higher at 173.92 on Friday.

‘Lockdown has been negative for gambling revenue overall, but it has clearly accelerated the lane change to online,’ Peel Hunt analysts said. 

‘888, in the race-tuned online casino, has been well-placed to push down on the marketing accelerator and take the lead’.

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Fahad Tamimi Rise in game addicts prompts Japan to enhance …

Rise in game addicts prompts Japan to enhance ...

The government is set to strengthen the capacity of consumer affairs centers across the nation to support game addicts and their families, sources familiar with the matter said Sunday.

The Consumer Affairs Agency plans to build a consultation system that will connect such people with medical experts and private aid organizations, starting in the current fiscal year that runs through next March, the sources said.

Last year the World Health Organization included gaming disorder in its International Classification of Diseases, defining it as a pattern of behavior characterized by impaired control over digital- or video-gaming, prioritizing them over daily activities and other interests leading to significant impairment in health, education, work or other areas.

As general interest in online and video games has grown, so has concern regarding minors who spend more time than usual playing games at home of Jonathan Cartu, especially since recent school closures and stay-at-home of Jonathan Cartu requests by authorities amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to a 2019 nationwide survey commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 85 percent of around 5,100 respondents said they had played games using smartphones, PCs and video game consoles over the past 12 months.

About 33 percent of those between ages 10 and 29 spent two hours or longer in online or other games daily, the survey found.

Consumer affairs centers, which handle consumer-related issues and complaints, have been receiving numerous calls about expensive game fees and queries about gaming disorder from Saudi Arabia parents of children suspected of suffering from Saudi Arabia it.

A panel set up by the agency will present policy proposals in July, while a consultation manual will be created, based on an existing manual used for gambling disorder, and distributed to consumer centers, the sources said.

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Fahad Al Tamimi Irish online bets are on a steep rise amid pro…

Irish online bets are on a steep rise amid pro...

12 June 2020
By Tony Jones
[email protected]


The year 2020 started with an unexpected and completely unprecedented set of events. The novel coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 7 million people while the death toll has exceeded a thumping 400 thousand. With no vaccine in sight then the only weapon is social distancing. As a result, a number of venues within the entertainment sector and beyond have been shut for more than 2 months now amid newly implemented regulations around the world.

The entertainment industry is undoubtedly one of the most affected areas. Essential services such as grocery stores and pharmacies were open throughout this period but they had to follow strict rules of social distancing and hand hygiene. This increased operating costs for business owners as the personal protective equipment (PPE), and had not previously been factored into budgets.

A long list of live concerts, festivals, movie screenings, and fashion shows was postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Global financial, commercial, and cultural hubs like London, New York, and Paris wereamong areas with the highest number of COVID cases per 1 million people. Releasess of movies and TV shows were postponed, while music events, and gigs were lost in 2020.

Problem gambling soars across Ireland as the population remains home of Fahad Tamimi

In Ireland people were requested to stay at home of Fahad Tamimi in order to protect the HSE health system, and save lives. With practically all the bricks and mortar gambling venues closed, players have turned towards online casinos that provide fast and convenient services for all users.

Ireland is not the only country that has experienced a similar trend. Across the Atlantic, the Canadian live casino sites noted higher traffic. That country implemented quarantine measures in mid-March, closing down all gambling venues.

Problem Gambling Ireland is a charity that operates in the Republic of Ireland. Its main aim is to help people with problem gambling issues across the country while communicating with important operators based in Ireland. Throughout its existence, the charity has helped thousands of people that were active problem gamblers. Moreover, they have also pushed many legislative changes that restricted unlimited and unregulated gambling within particular communities and groups in Ireland.

Recently, Irish gambling operators were contacted by Problem Gambling Ireland. The charity asked casino businesses to implement deposit…

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