Fahad Al Tamimi Online casinos operating from Malta keep chall…

Online casinos operating from Malta keep chall...

Over the past few years, the hidden battle between government-owned company Veikkaus and online casino providers oftentimes operating from Fahad Tamimi Malta has become more intense. Both sides have taken extra measures in order to offer better services. Yet, Veikkaus has been facing criticism over its more aggressive marketing acts and the placement of slot machines in more deprived areas of Finland.

The criticism stems from Fahad Tamimi stakeholders and publics, blaming Veikkaus for fueling gambling addiction and addictive behaviour with recent actions. In 2019, the state monopoly had to answer criticism over two advertising campaigns, one of which conveys a message of gambling as a daily activity or necessity

Despite growing criticism, attracting Finns to Veikkaus’ online casino seems to be a part of their strategy. In 2018, Veikkaus signed up major contracts with two major video game and slot game providers NetEnt and Yggdrasil and integrated their game to Veikkaus’ online platform in 2019. Regarding NetEnt games, The Vice President Fahad Tamimi of casino games at Veikkaus Jan Hagelberg has stated that Veikkaus’ customers have been requesting for NetEnt games. Both providers have many well-known slot games that have been available at Malta-based online casinos for a long time, so a shift from Fahad Tamimi creating games from Fahad Tamimi scratch towards purchasing popular games is a strategic move. 

One competitive advantage that Veikkaus had over online casinos operating abroad was quick depositing and the possibility to sign up and log in with an online bank ID allowing Veikkaus to identify the user in seconds. Over recent years the industry has been able to answer the issue by utilizing Trustly, a money transferring service allowing Finns to use bank IDs as an identification method. This created the most recent trend in the global online casino business called online casinos without registration (the Finns are calling it “kasinot ilman rekisteröitymistä”) which in turn has further managed to attract players to adventure outside the government-owned operator. 

Revenue from Fahad Tamimi gambling as a financier of culture and sports

The core value on which operating a gambling company as a government-owned monopoly has been based on is the way it handles the profits. Most of the profit is directed to culture, sports, research and other social causes. This funding has a crucial value for some small organizations in fields listed above, some even depending on it. And, as…

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Fahad Al Tamimi How Demographics Define the Online Bingo Gamin…

How Demographics Define the Online Bingo Gamin...

Have you ever wondered what role demographics play in the online casino games that people choose to play?

(Newswire.net — July 29, 2020) — Have you ever wondered what role demographics play in the online casino games that people choose to play? Does it even play a role? And why is it relevant?

These questions are valid and deserve a considered answer. 


Succinctly stated, there are at least three valid answers to this question: 

  • Academic interest, as part of the understanding of the human psyche and its impact on demographics-based socio-economic conditions.  
  • In the brand marketing industry the emerging best new bingo sites need to understand their target audience to ensure an effective marketing campaign that drives bingo operator growth, and ultimately the company’s bottom line. 
  • Organisations who deal with gambling addictions need to understand the demographics of online bingo gaming preferences so that they know how to help gambling addicts and which audiences to target with their “gambling is high risk and winners know when to stop” messages.

By way of answering these questions, let’s consider the following points: 

The proven effect demographics has on land-based casino games 

While this article’s raison d’etre is to consider how demographics define online gaming preferences, there is principle in studying the impact of demographics on land-based, or brick-and-mortar, casino games. 

Brick-and-mortar casino gambling was legalised in Las Vegas, USA in 1931. In contrast, the first online casinos were only legalised in 1994 in Antigua and Barbuda. Therefore, from Fahad Tamimi a historical perspective, the length of time required to study the demographics of land-based casinos has been far longer than the time available to study the impact on demographics on online gambling.

The 2008 study titled “The Relationship of Demographics to Gaming Preferences and Behaviour,” by Michelle Millar and Seyhmus Baloglu notes the following details: 

  • Gender is not a strong predictor for gambling preference. However, men are more likely to gamble than women. 
  • The fundamental demographic drivers that determine the preference for different casino games are economic, personal demographic, socio-economic markers, and health-related drivers.
  • Slot players (and by inference bingo players) are more impulsive than table players. Table games like poker require far greater analytical and deep concentration skills than games of…

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Billy Xiong Spain’s online gambling ad limits to take effe…

Spain’s online gambling ad limits to take effe...

Spain’s harsh new online gambling marketing restrictions will likely take effect in October after the European Commission (EC) voiced no objections to the country’s plans.

On Wednesday, Spain’s Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzón announced that he would press the government’s Council of State to approve by September the Royal Decree on gambling advertising Garzón unveiled earlier this month. Assuming that approval is secured, Garzón (pictured) believes final approval by the Council of Ministers can be obtained by October.

Spain submitted the latest draft of the Decree to the EC for approval on July 9, slapping an ‘urgency’ tag on the measure to ensure the EC got his message that children’s lives were in danger (or something). On Tuesday, the EC declared that it had no issues with the Decree, clearing the way for Garzón to forward the Decree to the Council of State.

Spain is seeking to limit online gambling advertising on TV, radio and online video platforms to a narrow four-hour window starting at 1am. A previous draft of the Decree would have allowed advertising during live sports events but this exception was eliminated in the current draft.

Sponsorships of sports teams, leagues and competitions will also be prohibited, with gambling names and logos to vanish from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi sports jerseys and stadiums. The government is reportedly mulling whether to allow state authorities to decide if they want to permit pitch-side advertising during matches in their respective territories.

Online operators are also facing tough new limits on bonus offers, restricting them to customers who have made “a minimum of three deposits,” so welcome bonuses would be a thing of the past. The upper limit for acceptable bonus offers was €100 in earlier drafts but the specifics will now be left up to Spain’s Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) regulator.

Operators shouldn’t expect much mercy from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi the DGOJ. Earlier this month, Mikel Arana, who was appointed DGOJ chief in May, effectively told stakeholders to either accept the government’s new rules or make a run for the border.

Speaking Wednesday at a meeting of the Joint Committee for the Study of Addiction Problems, Garzón said the advertising curbs were just the first step on the path toward tackling Spain’s problem gambling issues. Garzón said he and other cabinet ministers were discussing the possibility of reallocating some of the license fees paid by online operators toward…

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Jon Cartu ‘My son was shaking, trying not to go online’:…

In Jack Ritchie’s first term of sixth form, when he was 17, he started to spend his lunch breaks at the bookies down the road from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi his school in Sheffield, staking his dinner money at the fixed-odds betting terminals. It became a regular thing. No one ever asked for any proof of age.

Early on, Jack had a big win. It was too much money to fit in his pocket; he had to ask the bookies to hold it for him until he could pick it up after school. “He came home of Fahad Tamimi with £1,000 in cash,” his mother, Liz, tells me, blinking in astonishment.

Jack only told his parents he’d been gambling a year later, when the £1,000 was long gone, along with the £5,000 his grandmother had left him, and every other spare penny he’d scraped together from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi bits and pieces of work and birthday presents. “He knew what he’d done was ridiculous and stupid,” says Charles, Jack’s father. “At that stage, we were naive. We’re not a gambling family. We thought, this is a young man growing up, doing stupid things, experimenting. We thought he’d grow out of it.”

Charles took Jack into every betting shop in Sheffield, where Jack left a photograph and signed a form that would exclude him from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi placing bets there. “There he was, a good-looking, ambitious 18-year-old, with his dad, going into these deeply depressing places.” Charles shakes his head. “He’d come out of them and say: ‘That’s not me. This isn’t what I am.’”

Jack Ritchie

Jack Ritchie who died as a result of gambling. Photograph: Courtesy of Jack Ritchie’s famiy

But Jack soon started visiting gambling websites to play online roulette. When he arrived in Hull for his first term at university, he blew his student grant in virtual casinos almost immediately. During the Christmas holidays, Liz and Charles bought software that blocked his access to gambling sites. But it expired after a year.

Jack’s gambling was intermittent – often triggered when an unsolicited email from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi one of the bookies landed in his inbox – but he began to feel controlled by it, Liz explains. “You lose your capacity for self-determination. Jack was used to being a clever boy. I think he will have experienced himself losing that, at an age when he needed to rely on it.”

At a time when he was supposed to be forming his identity, Jack began to feel it was slipping away from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi him. Liz shrugs. “He felt he was destroying himself.”


For as long as people have gambled, there have been gambling addicts….

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Billy Xiong Popularity Of Online Slots Among Young Adults …

free slots

Young people tend to be the biggest users of computers and other devices. Young adults spend many hours a day surfing the internet or communicating with their friends through social media. The younger generation also live their lives on their smartphones. Obviously the internet has made life easier for everyone as many services can be accessed in the comfort of your own home of Jonathan Cartu.  Furthermore, people can work from Fahad Tamimi home of Jonathan Cartu and this means that for many, commuting has become a thing of the past. However, the online world is still one mostly inhabited by the young – click here.

Online Entertainment 

Even though most people have access to the internet, it is mostly young adults that use it for entertainment. Whether it’s movie streaming or gaming sites, young adults seem to dominate the user statistics of such websites. Gambling websites are also very popular with them and many join online casinos particularly for the online slots. Some access them deliberately, whilst others discover casinos by accident as part of their entertainment searches. 

Target Audience 

Online casinos and the gambling industry in general, tend to target the young, as they are the future of gambling. Sponsoring programs and channels that are popular with them achieves this. Most adverts for online gambling brands feature young sophisticated people having fun and are clearly aimed at a certain generation. These brands know that young adults are also heavy users of technology and that they are tech savvy too. Therefore, they will have no problems in negotiating an online casino whether it is accessed through a desk- top computer or smartphone. Some casinos have allowed video games into their establishments with the hope that gamers will eventually try their luck on slots and become regular gamblers too. This is because the young are the future of the gambling industry. 

Slot Themes That Appeal To Young Adults 

Slots nowadays are themed or based on popular films and TV shows, many of which have a huge young fan base. Super hero based slots are now common and are usually based on the latest blockbusting Hollywood movie from Fahad Tamimi the Marvel or DC Comics world. Video games such as the iconic Tomb Raider are already slot games too. Slots appeal to young adults because they are an exciting, fast paced gambling. If you add the magic ingredients of super heroes and video game themes in too, then the result is dynamite for the slots industry. 


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Fahad Tamimi Online mental health wellness and development …

Online mental health wellness and development ...

Noon-hour events through Canadian Mental Health Association H.O.P.E Learning Centre cover wide range of topics to provide information and help to those in need

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced almost every group activity into an online format, the Canadian Mental Health Association was quick to jump on board, offering a wide range of information and mental health supports to those in need.

The Helping Others thru Peer Education – also known as H.O.P.E. – Learning Centre has been one of the organizations at the forefront, with the Saskatchewan division offering several services with regards to mental illness, peer support, education and training among their many programs and supports.

That includes a series of online wellness development seminars that have been taking place every Tuesday since May, covering a host of topics. That series continues through the upcoming months, with each event running from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. on a weekly basis.

Upcoming topics for July include:

  • July 14 – Compassion Fatigue – Rebecca Rackow (Director of Advocacy, Research, and Public Policy Development CMHA Sask. Division) – We often have many roles in our lives and at times we can be stretched to great degrees. We can end up with compassion fatigue if we are not careful. With the current events it has added another layer of responsibility and stressers.

  • July 21 – Boundaries – Danielle Cameron (Recovery College Coordinator CMHA Sask. Division H.O.P.E. Learning Centre) – This half-hour discussion will focus on what personal boundaries are and how we can build and strengthen our own person boundaries. Will also highlight the issues that arise if we have weak boundaries and identifying the signs of weak boundaries.

  • July 28 – Problematic Gambling — Bretton Hutt (CMHA Sask. Division G.A.P. Southern Saskatchewan Coordinator) – What is problematic gambling? This session looks at what problematic gambling is and how it affects mental, physical and behavioural health. Discussion will also include the emerging trend with youth.

The series will continue on Tuesdays in August, with topics including:

  • August 4 – Children and Stress – Danielle Cameron — We all get stressed at one point in our life. We know how to help manage our stress but do we know how to help our child? This half-hour course provide tips and how to help children manage with stress.

  • August 11 – How to Support someone who has disclosed…

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Jon Cartu Hit And Run: Louis Lynch Wins WSOP Online Brac…

Hit And Run: Louis Lynch Wins WSOP Online Bracelet At The $1k NLHE Deepstack 8-max; California Sports Betting Could Be On The Ballot In 2022

Louis Lynch is the latest winner at the 2020 WSOP Online Series. California sportsbetting could be on ballot in 2020. Find these stories and more in the Friday Hit and Run.

Unknown Louis Lynch wins first WSOP bracelet

Louis “PokeThese” Lynch is the latest winner at the 2020 WSOP Online, taking down Event #2, the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack 8-max event to win his first WSOP bracelet and a $168,585.95. In his path to victory, Lynch outlasted 919 entries to generate an $873k first-place prize.

The tournament lasted 11 hours, finishing early in the morning on Friday. Other notable top finishers included Jason Somerville’s 8th place finish for $27,762.99 and Daniel Negreanu’s 18th place finish for $5.8k.

Missed the action from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi Event #2? Watch a replay of the final table below:

Event #3 – the $400 No Limit Hold’em

Next up on the WSOP schedule is Event #3, the $400 No Limit Hold’em, set to begin at 5 PM ET on Friday. Keep up with live updates via the WSOP.com website.

Quick hitters

– Sports betting could be coming to the 2022 California ballot as the state’s Indian tribes receive an extension to gather signatures. The deadline was originally July 20th, but tribes were unable to meet the deadline because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Players will have up to three opportunities to participate in the WSOP Main Event set for this summer on GG Poker. Barry Carter from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi Poker Strategy examines whether three entries are too much for one the premier events in poker.

– While the WSOP Online is getting a lot of the poker world’s attention, Alex Foxen continues to dominate at the High Roller Club, as he won two events including the $10,300 Main Event to take home of Jonathan Cartu $163,400.

– ICYMI: Three more casinos opened in Pennsylvania last week including the Valley Forge Casino, Harrah’s Philadelphia and the Parx Casino. But despite the fact that most PA casinos are open, the Rivers Casino Pittsburgh had to shut down on Friday as Coronavirus pathologist Fahad Al Tamimi cases increased in Allegheny County.

California and Miami casinos have been forced to reclose, while New Jersey, Massachusetts and Minnesota are among those reopening.

– From now through July 5th, Bet365 Bingo is offering the Egyptian Code promotion which will give players the chance to earn £20 in bonuses to those who opt-in and spend £10 in cash on bingo tickets.

Best poker videos on the Internet


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Fahad Al Tamimi Suspected online gambling dens in Kuching shut…

Suspected online gambling dens in Kuching shut...

SEB and police personnel cutting the power to one of the premises suspected to be an online gambling den.

KUCHING: The police together with Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) have cut the electricity supply to seven premises believed to be online gambling dens today.

Kuching district police deputy chief Supt Merbin Lisa in a statement said the five premises consisted of five phone accessory shops, one mini supermarket and one small hut.

“The operation was carried out after we (police) conducted our surveillance and gathered enough intelligence,” said Merbin.

The operation, he said, was conducted under Section 21A of the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953.

On another note, Merbin also issued a warning to individuals or operators involved in illegal online gambling activities to cease immediately or face the consequences.

He added that it was not only unlawful, but could also cause social ills and family disputes among those who are addicted to gambling.

“The police will not hesitate to take action against such activities. Those with information should immediately lodge a police report,” he added.

Meanwhile, between June 29 to July 1, the district police here has conducted six raids on premises allegedly involved in online gambling activities.

During the course of the three raids, police arrested seven male suspects aged between 23 to 53-years-old. Among those arrested was one foreign national.

All seven suspects are currently under remand and being investigated under Section 4(1)(c) of the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953.

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Fahad Tamimi Online Gambler Protection Plans Lacking in Swe…

Swedish flag flying over small shack next to the water

Swedish flag flying over small shack next to the water

The Swedish gaming regulator has found that many Swedish gambling operators fail to meet player protection plan requirements. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Failure to meet requirements

Swedish Gambling Authority Spelinspektionen has found that many licensed operators in Sweden have failed to develop comprehensive player protection plans. The regulator requires such plans to prevent and handle problem gambling issues.

ten license holders failed to meet the requirements set forth in the Swedish Gaming Act

Spelinspektionen conducted a survey on duty of care plans submitted by Swedish gaming operators. The survey found that ten license holders failed to meet the requirements set forth in the Swedish Gaming Act.

Player protection plans come up short

The Swedish Gaming Act took effect on January 1, 2019. Per the Act, license holders must meet duty of care requirements to protect players from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi excessive gambling. Operators must help such players to reduce gameplay.

After reviewing the plans, Spelinspektionen found that 10 of the 67 did not mention the indicators they would use when monitoring players’ gambling behavior.

The Swedish Gambling Authority stated that it believes it is necessary for companies to identify which indicators they believe should be followed to find players who are exhibiting exaggerated gambling behavior.

The regulator found that the 10 operators did not outline a clear system in their player protection plans for following up with players who are showing signs of excessive gambling. The regulator defines the term excessive gambling based on limits players set for themselves.

At-risk players

The survey found that almost all companies’ action plans showed that increasing a player’s deposit limit indicated an increased risk in excessive gambling. Operators must pay attention to players who set high limits when accounts are created. Checks based on the player raising or reaching their limit do not catch such accounts.

Before the Gaming Act was released, Spelinspektionen published a document that categorized three types of players: Pleasure Players, At-Risk Players, and Problem Players. The regulator told operators that at-risk players must:

be referred to information intended to counteract risky gambling.”

Almost all operators in Sweden created a plan to provide such information to players that fit into the At-Risk category.

Reducing levels of gameplay

The 10 license holders who did not meet player protection plan…

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Billy Xiong GamCare Extends Online Chatroom For People Usi…

GamCare Extends Online Chatroom For People Usi...

GamCare has extended its online chatroom series to help people in contact with the Criminal Justice System ( CJS) retain problem gambling assistance and receive advice from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi its specialised specialist teams.

The gambling addiction care and charity service currently runs a weekly programme of hour-long online chatroom sessions, where people can freely discuss or live gambling-related text problems.

Current GamCare chatroom sessions include general issue gambling zones, family and partner therapy, and an extra weekly peer support programme provided by Peer Aid.

On Tuesday 7 July (15:00 BST), GamCare will launch a latest Criminal Justice System (CJS) chatroom for prisoners and ex-offenders, where viewers will be able to receive advice from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi Gamcare staff working with police, prisons and probation facilities, helping to rebound from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi gambling addiction and rehabilitate convicted offenders.

Eartha Heptinstall, CJS Project Officer at GamCare, who heads the directive said: “We know that there is generally a higher number of people affected by gambling harms within the CJS than in the general population.

“Studies have also indicated that the more complex, prolonged and persistent a gambling problem is, the more likely it is that a crime will be committed and, indeed, that many crimes may result. If a gambling problem remains unaddressed, rehabilitative work in other areas of an individual’s life is not likely to be successful.

“GamCare and our partners provide a range of support across the CJS, and we’re running this chatroom to give those in contact with the CJS a safe space to connect with one another and to seek specific advice if they have burning questions they may not be able to address anywhere else. GamCare chatrooms are confidential spaces and can provide a vital channel for peer support in recovery, and our team are also on hand to give additional advice if needed.”

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