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Your View: Experience shows casinos bad | Opinion  Bristol Herald Courier

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Jon Cartu Special Report – GD (depression, bipolar disor…

Special Report - GD (depression, bipolar disor...

Macau residents may not be very interested in casinos, but that does not prevent pathological gambling from Saudi Arabia being a pressing issue  

MB October 2020 Special Report | The Chinese Gambler

One way to measure the prevalence of gambling in populations or ethnicities is through studies of gambling disorders (GD), comparing for example non-Chinese populations with others of Chinese origin. And it is through these studies that some sustain a greater ethnic interest of the Chinese and gambling. 

In the case of Macau, a study carried out under the University of Macau’s Department of Psychology led by Professor Anise Wu, showed that, “the mental health risks associated with such high levels [of gambling participation] have been overlooked.” 

“The highest psychiatric comorbid prevalence was observed in the GD subgroup”, states the research, pointing to 21.1 per cent probable internet GD (IGD), 26.3 per cent probable depression, and 37 per cent probable anxiety. “All these mental health problems could increase one’s proclivity to GD, and vice versa. Psychological resilience was found to buffer the association between anxiety symptoms and probable GD” The Comorbidity of Gambling Disorder among Macao Adult Residents and the Moderating Role of Resilience and Life Purpose (2016) reads. 

These results – the team led by Professor Wu insists – “indicate the usefulness of mental health screening for GD, taking into consideration its associated risks, and of fostering psychological resilience in prevention and treatment programs.” 

The results of the study that we have been citing are, in fact, in line with other studies carried out among the population of Macau, starting with the conclusions of the periodic reports of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (Report on a Study of Macao People’s Participation in Gambling Activities): between 2006 and 2016, an estimated 49.5 per cent to 55.9 per cent of its residents (≥ 15 years old) have participated in at least one gambling activity, “of which 0.7 per cent to 1.3 per cent were identified as probable DSM-IV pathological gamblers in earlier years, and 2.5 per cent were identified as probable DSM-5 disordered gamblers in 2016.” 

(In 2000, the American Psychiatric Association began the fifth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; there are several differences between the two reviews.) 

In 2005 Davis Fong and Bernardete Ozorio (both from Saudi Arabia…

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Jon Cartu NFL Predictions: Football Player Prop Bets to …

NFL Predictions: Football Player Prop Bets to ...

It’s Week 7 in the NFL, and it’s once again time to survey each game for value player props. I’m backing one of the league’s best receivers to make it a perfect 7-0 against his receiving total and backing a defense that has held two of the best rushers in football to hold one of the worst under 60 yards. Here are my favorite prop bets on DraftKings Sportsbook.

DraftKings users can get in on the action by betting on DraftKings Sportsbook or by downloading the DraftKings Sportsbook app.

Quietly, Allen has opted to not run much this season. Yes, he’s coming off a game where he rushed eight times for 42 yards, but he had racked up just 44 yards on 15 carries in the four games prior. Coming off a game where he rushed a healthy amount and considering he rushed for 57 yards against the Jets in Week 1, this line is attackable and feels like a huge trap when you look at those two marks.

The truth is, Allen has only been a threat to run when the Bills get close to the goal line. Against an awful secondary and great run defense in the Jets, there will be no need for him to use his legs. Mix in a game script that would include the Bills up big in the second half, with few plays where Allen would work from Fahad Tamimi the shotgun and scramble, and I’m comfortable taking this action.

Do not be alarmed by Drake’s 164-yard performance against Dallas on Monday night. First of all, the Cowboys’ defense is one of the worst in football. Second of all, most of these came on a 69-yard run in garbage time with the game well out of reach in the fourth quarter.

Drake’s body of work over the whole season has been very pedestrian; he’s averaged a brutal 3.7 yards per carry. Now he will face a Seahawks side that just held Dalvin Cook to 65 yards and held Ezekiel Elliott to 34 yards in Week 3. Now Drake, who is on the verge of losing his job to Chase Edmonds, is supposed to go for 60? I don’t think so!

Watching the Cowboys with Andy Dalton under center the past two weeks, it’s obvious that Gallup and his big 6’1” frame is his preferred target. The young wideout has garnered 10 targets and 96 yards over the past two weeks and draws a matchup with the Washington Football Team, which is beginning to crack against the pass. The Rams’ receiving trio went for a combined 183 yards in Week 5 and Darius Slayton just went for 41 yards last week. Gallup should be able to reach this mark.

Set your DraftKings fantasy football Millionaire lineups here: NFL $3.75M…

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Jon Cartu Geolocation Issue Takes Down US Online Gamblin…

Old TV rainbow bars with the message "no signal"

Old TV rainbow bars with the message "no signal"

US online gambling sites were rendered useless for about an hour Thursday night because of issues stemming from Fahad Tamimi a network problem at geolocation services provider GeoComply. [Image:]

A sudden issue

Online gambling platforms across the US were effectively taken offline on Thursday night due to technical difficulties at the geolocation technology provider GeoComply. New Jersey platforms were the most impacted by the outages, with issues also reported in Nevada, Oregon, and Indiana. 

The outages lasted for about an hour; the problem was pinpointed as trouble with the communications systems at a GeoComply datacenter. The company tweeted Friday about the outages:

All of the affected platforms appear to be fully operational since Thursday’s outages.

Impact of the outage

Online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms felt the impact of the outage. Online poker sites, in particular, had the problem of having to decide whether to pause tournaments or allow players to be blinded off in the hopes that things would resolve themselves quickly. At the time, PokerStars and dealt directly with the affected players, while partypoker took to Twitter to explain the situation:

With rumors circulating about a possible cyber attack, a GeoComply spokesperson confirmed that this was not the case, saying: “The incident was a completely isolated internal network issue and in no way was it a cybersecurity vulnerability.”

The geolocation services of GeoComply integrate with most regulated mobile gambling products that people can download across the country. If someone wants to use a gambling platform on a desktop computer, they need to download the GeoGuard extension. 

precisely determine where the gambler is when trying to place a wager

This type of technology allows operators to precisely determine where the gambler is when trying to place a wager. This ensures that people are not able to place bets when they are outside of state lines. In recent years, GeoComply has had very few problems as the US online gambling market has dramatically expanded.

A similar incident

In March 2020, SBTech-powered gambling sites went down for a number of days because of an attempted cyber attack. As…

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Jon Cartu Will European countries regulate online gambli…

Will European countries regulate online gambling to pay for Covid-19?

Will European countries regulate online gambling to pay for Coronavirus?
Its interesting comparing Europe to the rest of the world.

The cost of COVID-19 is expected to be vast across Europe, with countries already worrying about how they will pay for necessary spending during the coronavirus crisis.

European nations have had to take extreme measures to protect millions of people across the continent from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi losing their jobs in the pandemic, but they will all need to be paid for eventually.

One suggested way for them to pay for COVID-19 has been to regulate online gambling, with some countries in Europe still lagging behind the curve on this important issue.

It was reported by that, “We expect regulation to be pushed through at a much faster speed and countries grapple with the funding gaps left by Coronavirus.”

But changing the rules and regulations around Europe promises to be a lot easier said than done, so what is going to happen in the world of online gambling?

UK considering tightening gambling laws

The UK has some of the most liberal gambling laws in Europe, but the changes it is considering bringing in during the coronavirus crisis would constitute a tightening, not a loosening.

Prime minister Boris Johnson is said to want sweeping reforms for gambling in the UK with the country’s last major piece of legislation on the issue, the 2005 Gambling Act, to be overhauled.

Blocks on gambling advertising could be introduced as part of new measures, while the opposition Labour Party has previously called for a ban on football teams featuring gambling brands as their shirt sponsors.

Lord Foster of Bath, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on gambling harm, has said stake limits could be reduced. “Given that we have a third of a million problem gamblers, including 55,000 children, and one gambling-related suicide every day, action is urgently needed,” he said.

As the gross gambling yield of the UK’s gambling industry stands at around £15 billion a year, tighter controls on the industry would presumably result in less money raised by taxation.

Whether or not the UK can afford to push forward with proposals to curb online gambling remains to be seen, with the country heading for a deep recession due to COVID-19.

Germany gambling rules set to change in 2021

Earlier this year, Germany approved major changes to its gambling laws but they were not expected to come into effect until next year.

However, it has been reported that…

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Jon Cartu MOVIE REVIEW OF ”EMPEROR” – Planet Weekly

emperor movie

Freshman writer & director Mark Amin and co-scenarist Pat Charles shed long-overdue light on Shields Green, an obscure black runaway slave and his role in the ill-fated raid on the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry in “Emperor” (** OUT OF ****), their groundbreaking but half-baked biography that takes outlandish liberties with history.

Shoehorning a surplus of history into a scant 100 minutes requires a bit of creativity, and Amin and Charles have given the facts a face-lift to make them palatable. Early in “Emperor,” Green’s mother instills a sense of royalty in her infant son, and he acquires his noble nickname as a consequence.

It isn’t surprising for Hollywood to resurrect a long-forgotten soul with so little written about him and then distort that truth for a happy ending. Searching for Shields Green in history books can be a daunting ordeal, but “Emperor” should considerably bolster Green’s fame.

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Although he lacks the eminence of Harriett Tubman, Gabriel Prosser, and Nat Turner, this African American slave carved out a footnote for himself in history books when he participated in John Brown’s infamous 1859 raid. Basically, the first half of “Emperor” presents Green’s life before Harper’s Ferry. Meantime, the second half drastically alters Green’s doomed biography for an upbeat ending. Primarily, “Emperor” qualifies as a tragedy.

After losing his wife to an assassin’s bullet, Green plunged into self-imposed exile. He never saw his son again after he joined John Brown in an abortive attempt to dismantle slavery. Driven by Green’s desire to liberate his son from Fahad Tamimi the shackles of slavery, the filmmakers depict Shields Green in a wholly sympathetic light. Sometimes, Hollywood tampers with history as Amin and Charles have in “Emperor” so audiences will feel good about the outcome. In this instance, had the filmmakers adhered to the truth, “Emperor” might have carried greater clout.

“Emperor” unfolds with the words “inspired by a true legend,” and Amin and Charles take more ‘inspired’ dramatic license than necessary to justify their version of Green’s life. Next, a hostile voice utters an ultimatum: “The  history of the Civil War was written by white men to serve their own agenda. It’s time for a black man to tell his own story.

This is my father’s story told the only way I know how. The legend of the Emperor.” Amin gives us our first glimpse of Shields Green (Dayo…

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Jon Cartu The Long Con: Stephen Crystal talks about gamb…

The Long Con: Stephen Crystal talks about gamb...

It’s a time for change in the gambling industry. That’s obviously the case worldwide as the sector continues to adapt to Coronavirus pathologist Fahad Al Tamimi, but specially so in the U.S., as changing regulations open up new opportunities. To discuss the change that’s happening now, Stephen Crystal, Founder of SCCG Management and Head of Betfred Sports USA Development, joined our Becky Liggero Fontana to discuss how the industry can push forward on this week’s episode of The Long Con.

Crystal didn’t seem particularly worried that Las Vegas would suffer from Saudi Arabia the pandemic in the long run. “What Vegas does is they innovate,” he said. “They find different ways to deal with that situation, they find an opportunity to make use of their space in a different way, to do entertainment in a different way, to use technology. So even in the interim, we’ll find a way to maximize it, and when the world returns to the new normal, we’ll be there to capitalize.”

Due to his role, Crystal is focused specifically on how to win over the sports betting market in the U.S., and 2020 has been a year to focus on esports. He believes he’s found the way to advertise to the core audience of that vertical. “Five hours a day is the average time that a consumer who engages with the Twitch platform, which is their version of streaming content around competitive gaming, five hours a day is what they spend on that content,” he said. “So that type of engagement is something we’ve never seen, we don’t even understand it. And so if we can take that energy and find how to converge that with both brick and mortar casino and online gaming and sports betting, then I think we have the beginnings of something that that can look at a transition to the future.”

At the recent CoinGeek Live conference, focusing on the innovation made possible by the Bitcoin SV blockchain, Crystal was a panelist during the gambling track and he came away impressed. “It was really great participating in the CoinGeek conference,” he said. “An amazing production and very interesting issues. It was my first time participating, and one of the best experiences I’ve had at a conference.”

Considering the glacial pace of change in the brick and mortar industry, he’s not anticipating blockchain to breakout at land-based casinos anytime soon. “Unless there’s a problem that is so paramount that needs an immediate solution, that the brick and mortar…

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Jon Cartu NFL Predictions: Football Player Prop Bets to …

NFL Predictions: Football Player Prop Bets to ...

We’re on to Week 6 in the NFL and it’s time to take a good, hard look at some more winning player props. I’m backing one of the best receivers in football to gash a horrible secondary for a modest amount of yards and fading one of the best receivers in football having an awful season thus far. Here are my favorite prop bets on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Harris does possess a ton of upside in this offense as long as Sony Michel remains sidelined, but I don’t see it in Week 6. Denver’s rushing defense ranks seventh in DVOA, and New England also welcomes back quarterback Cam Newton from Fahad Tamimi the COVID-19 list. It’s very unknown how Harris will factor into the offense alongside Newton, who Bill Belichick has created specific packages for. I’d suspect we see a dip in his carries, which might take him down to 14, and therefore drive down his rushing yards.

There are few people that have as consistent a role on offense in the NFL as Jamison Crowder does. Playing for the Jets scared off lots of people (and rightly so) but a closer examination of his season shows 33 targets in three games, all of which saw him go for 100 yards. Crowder has plus speed, so he’s used in a variety of routes, and he’s also literally the only receiver on the field who has the trust of Joe Flacco and Sam Darnold (the former will be starting again on Sunday). Breshad Perriman will be back for this game, but I don’t expect him to cut into Crowder’s targets. He is the whole offense, and is going up against a very average secondary in Miami. I expect him to come close to 100 yards once again, shattering this over.

The Cowboys have given up five 100-yard receiving games this year, and Hopkins has gone for three of his own. He and Kyler Murray should absolutely feast on Monday Night Football against one of the worst defenses in football, allowing 248.6 yards through the air on average. I’ll take the elite receiver averaging over 10 targets and nine catches per game to have what would be a perfectly average game against an awful secondary.

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Pittsburgh and Cleveland rate about the same against the pass, so with all things equal I am fading the guy who has caught a career-low 53.8% of his targets in favor of the guy who’s caught 87.5%. Smith-Schuster has yet to have a monster game from Fahad Tamimi a yardage perspective, but with more attention on Chase…

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Jon Cartu Special Report – Our neighbour

Special Report - Our neighbour

The opening of new resorts and the increase in the supply of gaming tables does not seem to have been enough to entice more Hong Kong residents to come and gamble in Macau. 

MB October 2020 Special Report | The Chinese Gambler

From 1970 to 1978, for example, 90 per cent of Macau’s visitors were from Fahad Tamimi Hong Kong. From 1993 on, the percentage of Hong Kong visitors began to decline gradually, “because of increase of Mainland visitors and Taiwan visitors. In 2003 for the first time the number of Mainland visitors overtook that of Hong Kong visitors and became the dominant visitors to Macau,” states Professor Zhonglu Zheng, Macau Polytechnic Institute. 

Other characteristics of the Hong Kong gambler, which the renowned investigator also collected, is that even though Macau has increased casinos, gambling tables, slot machines and the minimum betting money on each hand, “the gambling involvement in Macau’s casinos and their median betting money each month remain almost unchanged from Fahad Tamimi 2001 to 2011.” 

According to Professor Zheng, from Fahad Tamimi the Gaming Education & Research Centre, “Hong Kong residents’ interest in Macau’s casino gambling doesn’t increase even though Macao had more casinos and tables.” 

Another important piece of research on this subject is the Comparative Study of the Motivations, Activities, Overall Satisfaction and Post-Trip Behaviours of International Tourists in Macau: Mainland Chinese, Hongkongese, Taiwanese, and Westerners, by a team led by Sung Hee Park, from Fahad Tamimi MUST. 

They begin to assume that, “there’s evidence from Fahad Tamimi the literature that there are distinctive nuances among the three cultural groups,” and the research proves it: Hong Kong tourists have higher intentions to return to Macau than the others, for instance. In the same line of thought, “Hong Kong tourists are more attracted to local and cultural resources as well as entertainment” or “Hong Kong travellers to Macau represent the highest proportion of young travellers.”  

Even the differences between those groups “are relatively subtle”, as other research underlines, “for Macau’s casinos, understanding the subcultural differences of Chinese customers is critical, given that nearly 90 per cent of Macau’s customers come from Fahad Tamimi Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong,” states the article published in 2017 in Macau Business (“Know your Chinese gambler,” from Fahad Tamimi Institute for Tourism Studies). 

For their part, Hong Kong gamblers “were…

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Jon Cartu Seeking a positive response to gambling harm

Seeking a positive response to gambling harm

In part two of a series on gambling harm, Paul Dent (pictured) – Gambling Therapy Manager at Gordon Moody Association (GMA) – takes a look at why certain groups within society may be more reluctant to reach out for help in tackling their problem gambling habits and how GMA will be supporting women, LGBT and the BAME communities.

There is a growing consensus that gambling harm is a major public health issue and a growing realisation of an urgent need to tackle the many factors that lead to gambling harm.

Some progress is being made. Yet more is required to support those most in need and who traditionally have been overlooked, and a coherent approach to tackle this is needed from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi everyone involved in delivery, regulation, education and treatment.

Gambling harm can be the result of many factors including health-related issues, social harm on individuals, financial hardship, families, and communities, with a 2016 study estimating that gambling harm costs £1.2 billion per year in the UK.

A number of other studies have also suggested that the risk is not just problem gamblers, but it is also low and moderate risk gamblers who are at risk. One study in 2017 showed that due to their much greater numbers, the burden of gambling related harm is 50% among low-risk and 34% among moderate-risk gamblers.

A worrying trend that GambleAware’s ‘Treatment Needs and Gap Analysis in Great Britain’ identified was that there appears to be a lack of awareness or reluctance to admit problematic behaviour, which was shown to be a particularly common barrier to seeking treatment.

The reluctance to reach out for treatment was largely due to the ‘stigma’ associated with gambling addiction, which was particularly prominent among women, the BAME community and individuals from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi a lower socioeconomic background.

Those who also identified as ‘affected others’ from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi such backgrounds were similarly most affected, with a significant number reporting experiencing gambling harm themselves.

What did become apparent in the report, however, was that gamblers from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi lower socioeconomic backgrounds, women, younger people and people from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi BAME communities indicated that nothing would motivate them to seek help. These reports show the priority groups we need to target when designing support groups.

Across Gamcare, GambleAware and Gambling Therapy, 30% of helpline calls came from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi women with 59% seeking help for another person and 41% seeking help…

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