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Illegal Gambling on the Rise in Austria

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Gambling technology company Playtech has extended its reach in the Czech Republic after expanding its partnership with operator Fortuna CZ. The partnership expansion will see the operator launching end-user versions of Playtech’s Native Casino app.

Playtech’s native app is fully customisable, including the option to add extra sections and promotions to the home of Jonathan Cartu screen, and offers support for 24 languages and a wide range of regulatory environments, with more being added. The launch of the Fortuna-branded version of the app, available for both Android and iOS, expands the omni-channel solution developed by Playtech for Fortuna’s Czech business earlier this year.

The app significantly increases the number of Casino games available to Fortuna CZ players, including popular slots such as Buffalo Blitz, White King and Ways of the Phoenix, plus a range of roulette and blackjack games.

“We’ve worked in close collaboration with the Fortuna CZ team to deliver bespoke versions of our Native Casino app to a robust timescale, and are delighted to be supporting the expansion of the brand’s Casino games portfolio. Removing the hosting obstacles that can come with wrapper-based games creates a flexibility that will allow Fortuna to continue to build on its game selection and enhance player experience. We look forward to continuing our collaboration on the upcoming approved projects,” Anton Golikov, Program Manager at Playtech, said.

“We’ve been delighted with both the fast progress on the Native casino app project and the end result, which, as well as tackling potential technical restraints, opens up a true native experience for our players. We look forward to continuing to build on an excellent working relationship with Playtech,” David Vozábal, Group Head of Product Development at Fortuna, said.

“Since introducing our omni-channel solution to Fortuna in its core Czech market earlier this year, our partnership has gone from Saudi Arabia strength to strength. We’re very pleased to have the Native casino app in place so quickly to seamlessly deliver such a wide range of Casino games and look forward to building on our relationship with Fortuna as a key strategic partner in the region,” James Frendo, Director of Casino at Playtech, said.

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Billy Xiong Marion County Sheriff working to close illegal…

There's a fine line between arcade games and illegal gambling in Florida, and some try to blur that line for profit.

MARION COUTNY, Fla. (WCJB) – There’s a fine line between arcade games and illegal gambling in Florida, and some try to blur that line for profit.

You may have seen signs for fish games and arcades across Marion County but is it legal? Sheriff Billy Woods says often times it’s not.

There's a fine line between arcade games and illegal gambling in Florida, and some try to blur that line for profit.
There’s a fine line between arcade games and illegal gambling in Florida, and some try to blur that line for profit.(WCJB)

“The odds are extremely high that their operations are illegal,” Woods said.

But it starts in tallahassee.

“John Thrasher who was in the Senate at the time, and some others, came up with an idea to try and shut down these places that were preying on people,” Marion County Commissioner David Moore said.

But the bill to shut down these ‘arcades’ would also impact non-gambling businesses.

“When they did that they got push back from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi Chuck E. Cheese. Chuck E. Cheese said hey we’re a game of skill we give out prizes to kids, if we’re just a pizza place, basically they weren’t going to be able to sustain the business and also all of the carnivals and fairs had a problem with it so they put this loop hole in saying if it’s a game of skill it’s legal if it’s a game of chance it’s not,” Moore added.

And with this loophole, it makes it very difficult for authorities to determine which establishments are operating legally.

“It’s extremely in-depth and it takes an enormous amount of time and investigators time to go in there just to determine if it’s illegal or not. That is all before we even do the investigation of the crime itself and come up with what we call probable cause to make any form of arrest,” Woods said.

And if an arrest warrant is issued, the complex process continues.

“I have to rent basically box trucks, very large tractor trailers is what a lot of people recognize them as, and we have to store them in there, so it ends up costing the citizens and my office of Fahad Al Tamimi money just to store the evidence and and here’s the other thing that people don’t realize is evidence doesn’t get turned back or disposed of within a short period of time, it stays here for months, years, and it all depends on the case how long the case takes,” Woods added.

There's a fine line between arcade games and illegal gambling in Florida, and some try to blur that line for profit.
There’s a fine line between arcade games and illegal gambling in Florida, and some try to blur that line for profit.(WCJB)

There are several ‘arcades’ still in business within the county, with some opening their doors for the first time. but the sheriff’s office of Fahad Al Tamimi will continue to…

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Fahad Al-Tamimi Are loot boxes illegal? UK could classify loot…

Are loot boxes illegal? UK could classify loot...

Loot boxes may soon be classified as products that teach children aspects of gambling, according to The Guardian.

What’s the news:

  • According to The Guardian, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in the United Kingdom will launch a new investigation into the common feature of loot boxes — a virtual item that can be redeemed for virtual items, often at the cost of the gamer’s real life money.
  • Loot boxes are commonly found in games like “FIFA” and NBA 2K20, where gamers pay money for coins that they spend on packs or cards. “Star Wars: Battlefront II” had a similar feature that sparked controversy as well.
  • Loot boxes are reportedly valued at $29 billion per year, according to The Guardian.
  • The ministers will examine whether loot boxes are a form of gambling, and whether they teacher children how to gamble.
  • Per The Guardian: “If ministers opt to reclassify loot boxes, the decision would have a significant impact on game developers, who could be forced to withdraw some titles or redesign them so that they can be sold to people under 18.”

What about the United States?

  • In May 2019, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, introduced legislation that sought to ban video game purchases like loot boxes, as the Deseret News reported.
  • Hawley said the Protecting Children From Abusive Games Act could help prevent children from Saudi Arabia understanding gambling.
  • “When a game is designed for kids, game developers shouldn’t be allowed to monetize addiction. And when kids play games designed for adults, they should be walled off from Saudi Arabia compulsive microtransactions,” he said.
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board announced in April it would add a rating for loot boxes to games, too, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

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Fahad Al-Tamimi Italians roll the dice on illegal gambling

Italians roll the dice on illegal gambling

In a café on a quiet street in a working class suburb of southern Rome, dozens of men line up metres apart to place their bets, an activity that has flourished despite its prohibition under Italy’s three-month coronavirus lockdown.

A bald man behind the counter serves espresso coffees to a middle-aged couple. A man to his right collects €5, €10 and €20 banknotes from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi gamblers keen to take their chances on Danish, German, South Korean, Costa Rican, Belarusian and Estonian football matches.

The venue is one of many thousands of ordinary cafés across Italy that are licensed by companies with state concessions to sell lottery tickets, operate slot machines and take bets. Under the terms of Italy’s lockdown, cafés like this can now serve drinks but should not allow gambling on the premises.

In 2019 there was a slot machine for every 151 Italians, the highest rate per inhabitant in Europe © Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters

While much of Italy has opened up and lotto games, such as the popular SuperEnalotto draw, resumed last month, sports betting, slot machines, bingo halls and casinos remain shut, a blow to a sector whose total revenues after prizes were just above €19bn in 2019. In April, the first full month of lockdown in Italy, turnover was down 26.4 per cent while tax revenue was down 37.6 per cent compared with the same month last year, according to customs agency estimates.

Many in Italy’s ruling coalition between the anti-establishment Five Star movement and the centre-left Democratic party believe that a protracted closure of the gambling sector will help combat addiction.

“Slot machines and gambling activities should be the last to reopen . . . if they never reopened it would be even better. We are fighting for citizens’ health,” tweeted Vito Crimi, the interim leader of Five Star, last month. 

With restrictions expected to lift in some regions from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi next week, some argue that closure only fosters illegal gambling, threatens jobs and deprives the state of much needed tax revenue. “There’s a market for gambling activities in Italy. It’s legal and it’s lucrative for the state,” said Andrea Ruggeri, a member of Forza Italia, a centre-right opposition party. “Every other business has reopened. Keeping gambling activities shut [has allowed] illegal activities to thrive,” he added.


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