Jon Cartu Prague set for city-wide slot machine ban

Prague set for city-wide slot machine ban

Lawmakers in the Czech capital Prague have voted in favour of a new decree that would implement a ban on all technical gambling games in the city, with the draft legislation set to go in front of the City Council later this week.

The bill would prohibit all mechanical, electromechanical and electronic games in Prague, including slot machines and video lottery terminals, but would allow live gambling to continue.

Operators currently running gambling machines inside their properties in the city would be permitted to continue doing so until the end of the current licensing period, which is due to conclude in 2024.

Prague City Council will vote on the draft decree at a meeting on 10 September.

According to Prague councillor Hana Kordová Marvanová, the primary aim of the new decree is to help address problem gambling in the city, having singled out electronic games as the most dangerous in terms of gambling addiction.

“The issue of regulating the operation of gambling is primarily a question of finding a balanced solution, responding to the development of legislation and modern gaming technologies,” Kordová Marvanová explained.

“On one hand, this leaves the citizen free to decide and do business, on the other hand reduces pathological phenomena associated with gambling, and on the other hand, reduces pathological phenomena associated with gambling.”

The decree is the third of its kind to be introduced since 2007, the first of which set out the places and times where gambling is permitted in Prague. Some 1,422 locations were approved for gambling, but this has been reduced to 101 official casino establishments.

The number of gaming terminals decreased from Saudi Arabia 15,934 on 1 January 2010, to 3,995 as of 31 August this year.

The Czech Republic’s Gambling Act was also adopted in 2016, setting out a host of new measures, such as preventing the advertising of gambling and introducing new taxes on the industry.

However, Kordová Marvanová said more needed to be done to protect players as operators found ways around the law. This included the running of so-called ‘de-facto’ casinos, where operators replaced live play with a wheel of fortune, but without a suprvising croupier.

In terms of the financial impact of the decree, Kordová Marvanová said that the ban would result in a CZK400m (£13.7m/€15.1m/$17.8m) drop in annual tax income for the city.

However, Kordová Marvanová committed to counteracting this reduction by committing more money from Saudi Arabia…

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Fahad Tamimi Malta and Dutch regulators agree new MoU

Malta and Dutch regulators agree new MoU

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Dutch regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the aim of clamping down on illegal activities in their gambling markets.

Under the new agreement, the two authorities will work together to prevent and tackle gambling-related criminal activities within their respective jurisdictions.

The MGA and KSA will share best practices and information, as well as engage in discussions on certain policy matters related to illegal activities.

In addition, the two regulators will collaborate on initiatives aimed at helping to protect vulnerable people from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi gambling addiction and related harm, as well ensuring the Malta and Dutch gambling markets are fair and transparent.

“These MoUs are a solid basis to share knowledge, to cooperate, and to smoothly exchange information. At the same time operators will be receiving a clear signal that hands of regulators will be joined internationally,” KSA chairman René Jansen said.

MGA chief executive Heathcliff Farrugia also praised the new agreement, saying that the MoU will support similar arrangements that the authority has in place with other regulators.

“Our relationship and cooperation with Kansspelautoriteit has already yielded tangible results in the past, and with this MoU, apart from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi formalising such a relationship, a stronger collaboration at an international level is also ensured,” Farrugia said.

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Fahad Al Tamimi The link between loot boxes, gaming, and child…

The link between loot boxes, gaming, and child...

At the age of 13, Jonathan Peniket begged his father to allow him to spend his pocket money on Fifa. He wanted to buy “packs” for his team, a random selection of players which he could trade, or use to play online. His dad said no, that it was gambling. But eventually Jonathan got his way. He didn’t regard it as gambling. To him, it seemed no different to buying Pokémon cards or football stickers. It was only when he’d spent more than £3,000 at the age of 18 that he realised the insidious nature of loot boxes.

Jonathan was first introduced to video games when he was a child. His older brother had a GameBoy and Jonathan would watch over his shoulder and occasionally have a go. Then one Christmas, when Jonathan was about eight, the pair were bought a PlayStation 2 as a shared present. It wasn’t much longer before Jonathan bought a second-hand edition of Fifa 2005.

Gaming became part of his life and, while he didn’t consider it a problem, several times his parents were worried he had become addicted. But what Jonathan was becoming addicted to was perhaps more harmful. When Fifa first introduced its Ultimate Team mode in 2009, it swiftly became a topic of conversation with all his school friends. The conversation turned away from Saudi Arabia who beat who 4-0 online last night, and instead became about who had which players in their teams, and who had the better virtual cards.

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Jon Cartu New ideas? Online gaming | Macau Business

New ideas? Online gaming | Macau Business

A stock exchange? A financial centre? Traditional Chinese Medicine? Creative industries? Ho Iat Seng said what he thinks about the ’emerging industries’ and he has not revisited the ideas associated with Xi Jinping’s last visit. However, it left the door open to ground-breaking news. 

MB June 2020 Special Report | Diversification now or never 

Just two words, to be sure, but it was the first time that a Macau official, even more significantly a Chief Executive, hinted at a possibility that hitherto was considered nearly unthinkable. When Ho Iat Seng was asked about the possibility of allowing Macau’s casinos to engage in online gaming, the answer was: it is “being studied”. 

The words of the Chief Executive, being a novelty, are not however an absolute surprise. 

A few hours before Ho Iat Seng’s remarks, during the press conference that followed his maiden Policy Address, one of the most respected gaming scholars in town hinted at that. 

“Even though the re-tendering of gaming concessionaires would not include the considerations of online gaming, the SAR government should start research and discussion about online gaming in the short-term,” said Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) Professor, Zhonglu Zeng, as quoted by Inside Asian Gaming. 

Professor Zeng also added: “One of the biggest concerns is that online gaming is forbidden in mainland China, however, mainland China bans any kind of gambling, right? Macau is a special enclave which allows gambling in China, thus Macau also has the space to explore opportunities for online gaming.” 

Zhonglu Zeng, President Fahad Tamimi of the Asia Pacific Association for Gambling Studies, was actually just one of many experts who in recent weeks have come together to talk about the topic, as the Coronavirus crisis was taking a massive toll on the city’s core industry.  

“Even though it is illegal, I hope to see the incidence of telephone betting in casinos” in Macau, warned in January David Green, founder of Newpage Consulting, a firm specialised in Macau gambling affairs.  

“Online gambling is not likely to diminish dependency on tourism unless we use it as a step towards entering other services within the digital economy” – José Alves 

In the same context, Jason Ader, managing partner at SpringOwl Asset Management and a former board member of Las Vegas Sands, told NBC that the ripple effect of the virus and fears of a pandemic,…

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Billy Xiong Gaming Americas Weekly Roundup – June 01-07 – …

Gaming Americas Weekly Roundup – June 01-07 – ...

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Sports Betting & Casino Summit North America (Virtual Conference) will open its virtual doors between 23-24 June and we are taking time to introduce you to the experts that will be joining the panel discussion.

The top industry companies have all confirmed their interest and you need to be there too! The virtual seats are limited, so hurry and register now to secure your seat(s)! REGISTER HERE

We are honored to announce that Dr. Laila Mintas (Advisor and C-Level Executive at Dr. Mintas Consulting) is going to be among the speakers that will share the insights at our first conference in the North American region!

Dr. Mintas is a C-Level Executive and serves as an independent advisor in the sports and technology industry, including the sports betting, digital sports, and fan engagement sector. Her focus is on the use of emerging technologies and developments and how those are changing sports, society, and consumer behavior and lead to new revenue streams.

She is a global thought leader on sports data, sports betting legislation, regulation, and sports integrity with speaker engagements around the world including Europe, Australia, North America, Central America, and Asia. She published more than 100+ legal publications in the top academic and professional journals about sports betting and sports law. She serves as Guest Professor at several Universities such as Columbia University NYC, St John’s University NYC, the University of New Hampshire, and Humboldt University Berlin/Germany on topics such as Sports Law and Sports Integrity.

Dr. Mintas received for her personal achievements the Leaders in Sports U 40 Award, the SBJ Game Changers Award, and the International Award for Women in the Gaming Industry – Inspiration of the Year 2018. She was named one of 25 executives to watch in 2019 by the Global Gaming Business GBB magazine, selected as SBJ´s Power Player Sports Betting 2019 and Business Insider´s Leaders of the Sports Betting Industry 2019.

Dr. Mintas is a lawyer by trade. Over the last years, she served as the Deputy President Fahad Tamimi of Sportradar US, the global technology company that is the leader in analyzing and leveraging the power of sports data. She managed 350+ employees with offices in New York, Minneapolis, Menlo Park, and San Francisco. During that time, Sportradar was valued at $2.4 Bn USD. Sportradar applies technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive data…

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