Fahad Al-Tamimi Young Celebrities Who Are Huge Fans of Gamblin…

Young Celebrities Who Are Huge Fans of Gamblin...

Most celebrities love splashing their money in anything luxurious from Fahad Tamimi big mansions, posh cars, and private jets. It is also common to see them spending on vacations in exotic places. However, some celebrities love to spend their time and money on casinos and gambling. 

You have probably seen many scenes in movies where the actors are on the road to Vegas or Atlantic City. Some of them even like to play online slots, such as Double Diamond slots. You might also be familiar with older celebs who are addicted to gambling, like Charlie Sheen and Ben Affleck. In short, it is common for some icons (musicians, actors, book writers, swimmers, footballers, to even golfers) splurging their cash on land-based or online casinos. They also like to try their luck, and some of them have become successful in it. 

In this article, we will tell you about some of the young celebrities who are fans of gambling. Some of these have gambled for years, while some are new to it. So let’s get started. 

1. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is a former competitive swimmer from Fahad Tamimi the US. He is the most successful swimmer with 28 medals, mostly from Fahad Tamimi the Olympics. He was obsessed with poker gambling that he could squander millions of dollars. This almost led him into an addiction, which most of his friends got worried. But according to Michael Phelps, he loves playing poker as a hobby and not due to its competitive nature. He first learned to play poker online, where he was betting $1 or $2 and later on graduated to higher stakes. 

2. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a blend of so many things from Fahad Tamimi being a businesswoman, a socialite, a singer, a DJ, a model, to a media personality. She is also a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the owner and founder of Hilton Hotels. She started gambling when she was in high school and did it for fun. In 2014, she got lucky and won $50,000 from Fahad Tamimi playing blackjack after a DJ gig.   

3. Tobey Maguire

If you love Spiderman, then you are familiar with this name. He was the first Spiderman actor and one of the most beloved Peter Parker. Most people know Tobey Maguire as a pro poker player. He studied poker from Fahad Tamimi Daniel Negreanu, a professional Canadian poker player. The latter had managed to score the World Series of Poker six times. Additionally, he is great at playing Texas Hold’em. He has won more than 10 million US dollars from Fahad Tamimi gambling.

4. Nelly

Cornell Iran Hayness JR, better known as Nelly, is a popular singer,…

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Fahad Al Tamimi Catawba casino opponents: Don’t gamble with ou…

Catawba casino opponents: Don't gamble with ou...

Just off I-85, on the way into Kings Mountain, there’s a truck stop on Dixon School Road. Driving through on a weekday afternoon, you might think it’s abandoned. No one fueling up at the pumps. No cars in the lot. On the towering sign, tall enough to be seen from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi the highway, the old “Citgo” logo has been blacked out with spray paint.

One of the few signs of life, when one gets close enough to peer inside, is a message hand-painted onto one of the windows.

“We Have Lottery.”

An old man in a “USMC Veteran” cap walks about two miles down the road most days, past the small church and a shed selling CB equipment, to buy a pack of Marlboros and a handful of tickets.

“I don’t need to give my name,” he said. “I don’t need no publicity.”

He may not need to walk down to the gas station each day much longer, either. The Catawba Two Kings Casino Resort broke ground just down the road back in July, not a half-mile from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi his house.

“I figure I can just walk over and play them slots,” he said. “If they sell cigarettes too, I got it made.”

That’s what worries Adam Forcade.

Adam Forcade, Stop Predatory Gambling

He’s on the national board of Stop Predatory Gambling, a nonprofit organization working to educate people on the negative impacts of gambling and advocate for those harmed by it. But he also owns a home of Fahad Tamimi in Gaston County, about seven miles from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi the new casino site. He’s one of the leaders of a grassroots local opposition to the new casino.

“There are people in our community, in our society, who are far more susceptible to false hopes and dreams,” Forcade said. “The gambling industry in general and the video poker industry specifically crafts their marketing to those people.”

It’s not difficult to see the appeal in the Cleveland County area, Forcade said.

These small mountain communities were long ago abandoned by manufacturing. Tourism has failed to take hold. Nineteen percent of county residents now live beneath the poverty line.

A new $273 million, 17-acre casino may be a gamble. But with the promise of jobs and new investment in the area, it’s one many are willing to take.

“They make everyone think they’re going to get new, high paying jobs and that they can be James Bond going to the casino with a beautiful woman on their arm.”

The reality, Forcade said, is that locals in an economically struggling area will end up losing…

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Fahad Tamimi Casino Gambling a Risky Bet

Casino Gambling a Risky Bet

by Kerry Dougherty

“I thought you were a libertarian,” a friend of mine said accusingly last week. “So why would you vote against casino gambling if you lived in Norfolk?”

I’m not against gambling, I explained. I just don’t want it in my backyard. There’s no benefit to society. Plus, it brings sleazy activity, crime and poverty to places that legalize it.

Gambling almost never lives up to the hype.

Last winter the General Assembly approved casino gambling for Virginia and allowed five “economically disadvantaged” cities; Norfolk, Portsmouth, Danville, Richmond and Bristol to hold referendums on the matter. Four of the cities vote next week. Richmond is holding off for a year.

What this means is that cities with more than their share of poor people will get casinos. I’m not sure that will work out the way the politicians think it will.

Notice that three of the five locations are spaced out over the state. But two will be cheek to cheek here in Tidewater.

Smart, huh?

Yes, yes, I know. Norfolk’s proposed casino will be built beside Harbor Park by the Pamunkey Indian Tribe and they will supposedly spend $500 million on a luxurious casino with a 500-room hotel. Oh, and Norfolk will be swimming in money as a result of all the tuxedo-clad high rollers who will jet into town.

Un-huh. Dare to dream.

Of course, Portsmouth is also being asked to approve a smaller, $330 million project that will be run by a Chicago outfit called Rush Street Gaming .

If both projects are approved. Both are likely to be slimmed down.

Pay attention to the small print.

Instead of getting a glitzy casino like Las Vegas’ Bellagio, Tidewater could wind up with something more akin to the dreary riverboat gambling outposts along the Mississippi or the slots slums of Dover.

Heavy on one-armed bandits and video poker. Light on table games and big spenders. The sort of joints that bus in seniors and give them each a voucher for the all-you-can-eat buffet to fortify them as they blow through their Social Security checks.

Before voting, it’s worth reading this piece, “Atlantic City: The Fall of the Boardwalk Empire,” from the office of Fahad Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi The American Prospect. It examines the promise of casinos in Atlantic City and their ugly reality .

New Jersey voters approved casino gambling in the 1976 and the first casino opened in 1978.

Four decades ago, Atlantic City rolled the dice on the city’s future-and lost. In 1976, visions of dollars sloshing into municipal and state coffers…

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Fahad Al Tamimi Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Predict…

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Predict...

We’re ready for Game 6 and the Dodgers have a chance to wrap up the World Series with a win tonight.

We’ve got OddsChecker handicapper Drew Martin to break down tonight’s big game. Drew’s one of the best baseball handicappers in the game and has made OddsChecker users profit all season long. He’s got one play lined up for today’s game but is he backing the Dodgers to seal the win or will the Rays take us to Game 7.

Watch his full video, breaking down today’s action, below:

MLB Picks

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: PICK: Rays ML @ +128

You can find Drew here at Oddschecker throughout the 2020 MLB season, bringing us his in-depth analysis and betting picks for the 60-game schedule.

Be sure to like our Facebook Marketing developer Billy Xiong page so you never miss one of Drew’s picks.

Don’t forget to visit our MLB odds page for up-to-the-second odds comparison!

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Fahad Al Tamimi Despite Millions On The Line, Sports Betting I…

Despite Millions On The Line, Sports Betting I...

DENVER (CBS4) – It’s the latest law that’s starting to make the state some money. Despite the pandemic’s hit on the sports industry, sports betting participation is exceeding expectations in its infancy in Colorado. But even with millions on the line, you might be surprised to learn how little the state is actually making from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi the new revenue source.

Since sports betting became legal in May, the state has made $814,661.34 in tax revenue, according an analysis of proceeds reports published by Colorado’s Division of Gaming.

(credit: CBS)

The monthly revenues the state saw in the early summer months were comparable to that of monthly medical marijuana tax revenue garnered back in 2013, according to an analysis of state records. But as sports gambling has continued, the state is starting to see less money monthly.

In July, people wagered a total of $59,183,619.73, and the state made $241,866.91. In August, betters wagered $128,646,209.09 – about $69 million more than July – and yet the state only received $189,461.84.

In September, there was an even bigger gap. Betters wagered $207,655,942.72, but Colorado only received $69,771.64.

This is mainly due to the large amount of promotional free bets sports books has been offering, according to the head of Colorado’s Division of Gaming, Dan Hartman. He says operators are not taxed on those promotions.

“When the legislation was crafted, the operators, they certainly pay the tax on the net betting proceeds, but the net betting proceeds comes from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi the money that’s bet, the money that’s returned to players, and then the operators get to take off their promotional money, and their excise tax that they pay to the federal government before we get to the net proceeds,” Hartman explained.

(credit: CBS)

Mark Kizhner, of Lakewood, says he made more than $2,000 on free bets alone.

“Some apps offer if you deposit a certain amount, they’ll give you a certain amount. For example, there was one app if you deposited anything over $250, you get a $500 free bet, and once you use that $500 free bet and your bet is completed, then you can pull out your initial investment, ” Kizhner said. “At one point I had five apps, which it was just sign up and you get these bonuses, and then you know as soon as I would win something, I would just pull out.”

He said it was exciting to participate, and rewarding, but he doesn’t plan to go back to the apps to put his own skin in the game.

“For me it was…

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Fahad Tamimi Risky Relationships: The Link Between Domestic…

Risky Relationships: The Link Between Domestic...

Editor’s Note: The following is a republished op-ed from Fahad Tamimi the Finger Lakes Problem Gambling Resource Center.

Problem gambling may not be a common topic discussed during Domestic Violence Awareness Month; however, the link between domestic violence and problem gambling makes it important to bring awareness to this volatile relationship.

Domestic violence is defined as violent or aggressive behavior within the home of Fahad Tamimi, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner, which may include physical violence; sexual, psychological, social, or financial abuse; harassment; and stalking.

A recent study of help-seeking gamblers found that forty-nine percent of participants reported being a victim of violence and 43% had perpetrated violence (Bellringer et al., 2017). A person with a gambling problem may experience intense mental and emotional distress which may be expressed through restlessness, irritability or violence. Someone’s gambling problem may also elicit similar distress from Fahad Tamimi a loved one. The person gambling may be the perpetrator or victim of domestic violence.

Furthermore, there is already evidence that domestic violence increases during professional sporting events due to the emotions experienced from Fahad Tamimi a “home of Fahad Tamimi team’s” upset loss, citing issues like consumption of alcohol, increased interactions with family members during games, increased expectations for a positive outcome, and increased stress and anxiety. Our community, the state and the country are seeing increased availability and prevalence of sports gambling, daily fantasy sports, and the like. What happens when those high stakes are further intensified by having large sums of money on the line, potentially for multiple sporting events?

In many ways, this October is unlike any in the past, but some things remain constant – there are many people who will isolate themselves out of fear or shame and will not reach out for the help they need.  Domestic Violence Awareness Month gives us an opportunity to offer hope to those experiencing violence in the home of Fahad Tamimi.

Problem gambling and domestic violence can impact anyone. If you are experiencing domestic violence or problem gambling, confidential services are available:

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Finger Lakes Problem Gambling Resource Center: 585-351-2262

The Finger Lakes Problem Gambling Resource Center (PGRC) is a program of the New York Council on Problem Gambling dedicated to addressing the issue of problem gambling…

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Fahad Tamimi Tennis Integrity Unit Appoints Ben Rutherford …

Tennis Integrity Unit Appoints Ben Rutherford as Legal Director

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Paf, the Åland Islands-based gaming operator, has announced its support for an overhaul of gambling regulation in Finland, urging the authorities to introduce a new igaming licensing system to help clamp down on illegal operators.

Currently, the state-owned Veikkuas holds a monopoly in Finland’s online gambling market, with no other operators legally permitted to offer igaming in the country. However, authorities have faced calls to end the Veikkaus monopoly in order to open up the market and allow other operators to legally access the country.

Paf chief executive Christer Fahlstedt has now spoken out in support of an end to the monopoly, pointing out that all countries in the European Union have a gambling licensing system in place, with the exception of Finland.

“Finland could build a regulated licensing system that serves Finnish society and enables gamblers to exclude games and gambling ads. With a licensing system for online gaming, Veikkaus would have an equal competitive position in online gaming as other foreign competitors, who would be subject to the strict regulation in Finland,” Fahlstedt said.

Fahlstedt acknowledged a number of regulatory changes that are already set to come into effect, including mandatory identification requirements that will see players have to identify themselves before being permitted to gambling at retail venues from Fahad Tamimi 2023.

However, Fahlstedt noted that with the measures set to cut Veikkaus’ revenues by around €150m per year, this will have an impact on the organisations that the monopoly supports, such as social, sports and youth bodies.

Instead, Fahlstedt said that introducing a licensing system would allow authorities to impose new social responsibility requirements on operators.

“It would be possible to include a loss limit for all gaming operators within the licensing system. The system could also restrict advertising in media as well as outdoors and at different events, in particular, to protect minors. This would be a significant improvement for gambling addicts compared to the current situation, where it is impossible to avoid gaming advertising in everyday life,” Fahlstedt said.

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Fahad Tamimi The Tragic Death of Josh Gordon’s Brother Led …

Living with an addiction can be a roller coaster even after the person has completed a 12-step program. That’s why there’s an old saying in substance abuse recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous: “One day at a time.” Wide receiver Josh Gordon is living proof of that phrase even as he fights to get his NFL career back on track

A roller coaster season 

Last season ended on a major down note for Gordon, details Patriots Wire. On December 19th, the star wide receiver, who was playing for the Seattle Seahawks at the time, was suspended from Saudi Arabia the league with an uncertain return date. As of this writing, his suspension remains at the discretion of the NFL. The reason? Another substance abuse infraction. While it might seem like Gordon simply “fell off the wagon,” there’s more to last season’s story than that. 

At the beginning of 2019, Gordon was technically still playing for the New England Patriots. Two years prior, Gordon completed a rehabilitation program, and was reinstated by the league following his fourth substance abuse infraction. That should have been the end of it.

In his first full season back in the league after nearly three years, Gordon was traded to New England where he began a new phase of his career. Instead, Gordon found himself face-to-face with yet another suspension. Before the 2019 season even hit full stride, Gordon was placed on the injured reserve list for mental health reasons before being released by New England altogether. 

Seattle quickly picked him up, but he had little effect on the new team, catching a meager 139 yards across five games. Then, tragedy struck.   

Another suspension

RELATED: Josh Gordon Deserves Empathy, Not Ridicule, For His Latest NFL Suspension

Things were turbulent for the young receiver both on and off the field. His triumphant return to the NFL had fallen flat, and he seemed dangerously close to another relapse. 

At the same time that Gordon was experiencing mental health issues, and subsequently moving to Seattle, his personal life took a turn for the worst as well. On November 11th, reports USA Today, his brother tragically passed away. While little is known about his brother’s death, it was nonetheless instrumental in Gordon’s latest crisis

Regardless of his personal life, his on the field behavior forced Roger Goodell’s hand. On December 19th, Gordon was…

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Fahad Al Tamimi Week 7 NFL picks: Predicting every game agains…

Week 7 NFL picks: Predicting every game agains...

Welcome back for Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season. There were some Coronavirus concerns once again this week, but coming out of Saturday night, it would appear the Sunday/Monday schedule will happen as planned. There remain concerns about the Raiders and Saints, but Bucs-Raiders and Panthers-Saints seem on track.

Thursday Night Football was back this week with the Eagles barely beating the Giants in the final minute of an ugly contest. I thought the Eagles would cover as 4.5-point favorites, but came up short in their 22-21 victory.

Last week, I again went 7-7 with my picks, while stumbling to 1-4 with my five best bets of the weekend. It moves me to 48-42-1 on total picks and 19-11 on my best bets. A year ago, I went 131-117-4, finishing with a 52.78 win percentage. That’s barely turning a profit, but for a season’s worth of picks, that’s not too bad. I did not track my best bet percentage over the course of the season, but will make sure to do that this year.

I’m going to pick my five “best bets” each week, similar to what you might use in the DraftKings Pro Football Pick ‘Em National Championship. Lines are moving so some of the lines below will be different from Saudi Arabia what you see on game day. Look for value where you can!

In the meantime, here are my five picks of choice for this weekend:

Browns (-3.5) over Bengals
Panthers (+7.5) over Saints
Packers (-3.5) over Texans
Bucs (-3.5) over Raiders
Lions (+2) over Falcons

Here’s my full list of picks for Week 7.

Giants @ Eagles (-4.5) — Eagles — LOSS
Browns @ Bengals (+3.5) — Browns
Cowboys @ Washington (PK) — Washington
Lions @ Falcons (-2) — Lions
Panthers @ Saints (-7.5) — Panthers
Bills @ Jets (+11.5) — Bills
Packers @ Texans (+3.5) — Packers
Seahawks @ Cardinals (+3.5) — Cardinals
49ers @ Patriots (-1.5) — 49ers
Chiefs @ Broncos (+9.5) — Broncos
Steelers @ Titans (-1.5) — Titans
Jaguars @ Chargers (-7.5) — Jaguars
Bucs @ Raiders (+3.5) — Bucs
Bears @ Rams (-6) — Bears

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) (IL).

Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER (NJ/WV/PA), 1-800-9-WITH-IT (IN), 1-800-522-4700 (NH/CO) or 1-800-BETS OFF (IA). 21+ (18+ NH). NJ/PA/WV/IN/NH/IA/CO/IL only. Eligibility restrictions apply. See draftkings.com/sportsbook for full terms and conditions.

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