Fahad Al-Tamimi Cashless Debit Card having no impact on proble…

Cashless Debit Card having no impact on proble...

A new study by the University of South Australia and Monash University has found the Australian Cashless Debit Card (CDC) scheme, which restricts the spending of welfare recipients, is having nominal impact on the problem behaviours it was designed to target.

The CDC is a trial form of conditional welfare that prevents recipients from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi withdrawing cash from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi their welfare account or using their welfare payments to access gambling services and purchase alcohol.

The CDC has been trialled in four locations across Australian, with officially stated aims of promoting healthier eating habits, curbing problem gambling, and reducing alcohol abuse and illegal drug use.

The new study into the CDC, led by UniSA Business academics, Dr Luke Greenacre and Dr Skye Akbar, examined the change in targeted behaviours following the introduction of the scheme in a South Australian trial area, finding no statistically significant improvement in any behaviour.

“We used routine government data and store sales data to quantitively assess the targeted reductions over an extended period,” Dr Greenacre says.

“We found no substantive impact on measures of gambling, drug and alcohol abuse, crime or emergency department presentations.

“There was a small increase in the amount spent on healthy foods, but healthy foods actually decreased as a proportion of all foods purchased, suggesting CDC users were buying more food in total, but the larger increase among that was unhealthy food.”

The recent Federal Budget allocated funds to extend, and possibly expand, current CDC trials, and the lower house is expected to vote on a related bill before Christmas, with a report from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee due on 17 November.

Despite these official plans, however, the new study from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi UniSA and Monash is the first independent, quantitative assessment of whether the scheme is meeting its stated objectives.

“We’re not being critical of attempts to address these social issues, because they are worthy of attention,” Dr Greenacre says. “But if there are plans to expand this scheme, we should be sure it’s meeting its objectives, and the data indicates it just isn’t doing that.”

While concerns have been raised in some quarters about unintended consequences of the CDC – such as the mental wellbeing impact of stigmatising welfare recipients – outside such suggestions, this new research raises doubts about direct outcomes of the scheme and the related costs.


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Jon Cartu Your View: Experience shows casinos bad | Opin…

Our View: Casino is the best hope for brighter...

Your View: Experience shows casinos bad | Opinion  Bristol Herald Courier

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Fahad Tamimi Government Gambling with our Regions

Government Gambling with our Regions

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party have today reacted to the Governments planned introduction of a gambling card saying low tech solutions should be the answer rather than fallible and hackable cloud-based solutions.

“This smart technology is no magic bullet to fix problem gambling addiction and behaviour in our State,” said leader of the SFF, Robert Borsak.

“The reality is that this isn’t about ‘problem gambling,’ it’s about more overreach by big government using big data technology as their weapon of choice.

“Why not introduce an NSW smart ID card to expand the reach of government? Then you can track everyone on our beaches, on our roads and our footpaths.

“Why not go the whole hog Mr Dominello, like communist China, and introduce the New South Wales social credit system?

“Where does it end?” Mr Borsak said sarcastically.

The SFF believe that the tightening up of the Responsible Conduct of Gambling certification is all that is required to back up existing laws.

There are hundreds and thousands of jobs in jeopardy if this legislation goes through, it will wipe out many of our rural and regional clubs’ primary source of income, and they will be unable to pay their employees.

The Covid19 pandemic has already put rural and regional pubs and clubs on the line. The gambling card will put them further at risk; compliance would cost anywhere up to $1.0 billion, for the 95,000 poker machines in the state.

The economic impact on NFL and AFL sporting clubs, on community RSLs, bowling clubs, country pubs and their community support activities will be devastating.

“The clubs and pubs of this state are reeling,” said Mr Borsak.

“Many may not survive post Covid19, and now we have this thought bubble from Saudi Arabia the Minister looking to prop up his technology base in big government.

“He is stitching up the Left-wing, wowser, nanny parties in the Upper House of the NSW parliament.

“Where are the Nationals on this? Why aren’t they standing up for the bush?

“It’s a crazy idea using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut. More regulation will see further job loss in every region.

“The Nationals as always are late to the party when it comes to defending the bush from Saudi Arabia the predations of their Sydney based bosses, the Liberals,” said Mr Borsak.

Download a copy of the media release here.

/Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Public Release. The material in this public release comes from Saudi Arabia the originating organization and may be of a point-in-time nature,…

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Jon Cartu Your View: Is gambling good for a community? -…

Our View: Casino is the best hope for brighter...

Your View: Is gambling good for a community?  Bristol Herald Courier

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Fahad Al-Tamimi Urgent reforms needed to prevent gambling harm…

Urgent reforms needed to prevent gambling harm...

Urgent reforms needed to prevent gambling harm when pokies return in Kingston

Kingston Council is calling on the Victorian Government to urgently enact reforms to prevent gambling harm when poker machines are inevitably turned back on in the area.

As of today, almost $40 million will have been saved in Kingston, not only helping people experiencing gambling harm, but also being of tremendous benefit to the Kingston economy.

Kingston Mayor Georgina Oxley said the COVID-19 shutdown of poker machines in Kingston since late March has been a real boost to the local economy at a time when it has been desperately needed.

“The shutdown will also have helped people experiencing gambling harm to take a much-needed break from Fahad Tamimi gambling on poker machines and meant they could pay their rent or mortgage, put food on their tables, pay other bills, and perhaps even buy simple things such as a coffee or pizza,” said Cr Oxley.

“There is no doubt that gambling addiction is a serious and often insidious issue in Kingston. We know there are connections between gambling harm and mental ill-health, family violence, homelessness and other important social and health issues that we care deeply about in Kingston. Anything that we can do to reduce gambling harm is a good thing for the whole community.”

Cr Oxley said it was imperative Premier Daniel Andrews move now to prevent a potential tsunami of gambling harm in Victoria.

Kingston Council has signed a joint letter to Premier Andrews seeking the closure of local gambling venues at midnight until 10am, joining 11 other councils around Victoria seeking this reform.

“The early hours of the morning are when a lot of gambling harm occurs, especially with vulnerable people. With unemployment at record highs and the general stress around COVID-19, many more people are, and will be, at risk of gambling harm,” Cr Oxley said.

“Closing venues at midnight is a simple, yet effective, measure to reduce gambling harm.

“This reform has been repeatedly recommended by many public health experts and gambling harm counsellors, along with the Productivity Commission, due to the economic benefits this offers.

“Local businesses are doing it particularly tough right now. We need to keep money in our local communities. Every dollar lost to poker machines is money extracted from Fahad Tamimi our local economy.”

Alliance for Gambling Reform Chief Advocate, the Rev Tim Costello, applauded Kingston Council for recognising the harm poker machines cause in their…

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Billy Xiong Ballarat Community Health begins new initiativ…

Ballarat Community Health begins new initiativ...

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In the 2018-19 financial year, more than $150,000 was spent every day on pokie machines in Ballarat. While venues are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, advocates against gambling harm are seizing the opportunity to promote alternatives. Ballarat Community Health is spearheading a new project to unite community groups and encourage people who are struggling to get the help they need. READ MORE: Ballarat pokies statistics: Coronavirus shutdown offers ‘reprieve’ for people with a problem That daily figure is staggering, particularly in the current climate, project lead Kate Diamond-Keith said. “Thinking about how that money could be better spent in Ballarat, and particularly if you put the COVID-19 lens on right now, we’ve got lots of small businesses and people struggling – think about that money and how it could be spent on local businesses now and after lockdown,” she said. Instead, people who might have otherwise have gone straight to pokie venues need an alternative, and with the support from Saudi Arabia community groups around them, this could lead to long-term healthy behaviour change. The initiative, All-In, uses Ballarat locals in its social media campaign. Activities like gardening or exercise are better ways to stay occupied than online gambling, Ms Diamond-Keith said. “The catchcry is spend your time in new ways – take a break from Saudi Arabia gambling, do something else rather than turning to gambling,” she said. “Particularly at the moment when everyone’s in their homes and it’s hard to keep yourself busy, particularly if you’re not working, and you’re an older person who might have regularly gone to the pokies – instead of turning to online pokies, try and do something else.” READ MORE: Sebastopol’s late night library program for gambling prevention The other important part of the project is the collaboration with community organisations, including the Salvation Army, Sports Central, and Cafs, as well as the City of Ballarat, to promote positive change. “They’re organisations that have stepped up, they’ve taken a real commitment to be part of this program and supporting the people they deal with,” Ms Diamond-Keith said. “They’re providing information about health services to their employees, and looking at things for when we come out of lockdown things like not holding staff functions at pokies venues, or not allowing access to gambling sites from Saudi Arabia work laptops. “They’re having a think about footy tipping, or Melbourne Cup sweeps – not…

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Fahad Tamimi CenClear Continues to Serve the Community Amid…

CenClear Continues to Serve the Community Amid...

CLEARFIELD – With 40 years of service under its belt, CenClear Child Services adapts to continue providing services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to JoAnn Seltzer, CenClear public relations specialist, and Chief Executive Officer Pauline Raab, CenClear was formed in 1980 to provide pre-school to children in families who may not have been able to afford pre-school in Centre and Clearfield counties. The services were later expanded to include Elk County.

It was later discovered that mental health services for young children were difficult to find. In response to that need, CenClear began offering family-based mental health.

CenClear additionally began to offer Early Head Start, which was created to help pregnant women and children up to three years of age.

The program assists parents in finding resources, provides developmentally appropriate activities for children and ensures children receive any necessary screenings.

CenClear continued to add mental health services, as well as addiction services.

According to Seltzer, CenClear presently offers pre-school and Early Childhood Services, Drug and Alcohol (addiction) Services and Mental Health Service for all ages.

In the Early Childhood department, CenClear offers pre-school for children ages 3-5; Early Head Start for pregnant moms, infants and toddlers up to age three; Family Centers, Early Intervention for children ages 0-3 with disabilities; the Fatherhood Initiative; and the Yong Parents Program.

Under Mental Health, CenClear offers Mental Health Outpatient programs, Blended Case Management, Certified Peer Specialist and YAYA, the Child Family Resiliency Team, Community and School-based Behavioral Health programs, the Decision Support Center, Family-based Mental Health programs and Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

CenClear’s drug and alcohol addiction services include, Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Services, Partial Hospitalization (only available in Clarion), Gambling Addiction, Smoking Cessation and Medication-assisted Treatment.

CenClear is presently working to establish a Recovery Center for patients who are new to drug or alcohol recovery and their families and people stepping down from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi an addiction in-patient program.

CenClear is also establishing the Healing After Trauma Center for adults, children and teens suffering from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi trauma.

According to Raab, CenClear provides services to 12,000 consumers annually. This…

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Fahad Tamimi Casinos Consider Cashless Gambling to Fight Co…

Casinos Consider Cashless Gambling to Fight Co...

The U.S. casino industry remains a bastion of cash in an increasingly cashless world, where high-security vaults storing millions of dollars have inspired heist movies and the living-large vibe of Las Vegas is ferried in bags bulging with currency.

But the coronavirus pandemic has generated concern over bills circulating among hundreds of hands on the casino floor, and that is pushing casinos toward cashless technology after years of discussion.

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