No room for ambiguity when it comes to problem...

Jon Cartu No room for ambiguity when it comes to problem…

Perrin Carey, independent analyst and former chief risk and compliance officer at Stride Gaming, speaks to Tim Poole about how the gambling industry can truly change its culture. This interview was originally published in the July/August edition of Gambling Insider magazine.

Following a ruling from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi the Gambling Commission, supplier Playtech paid a £3.5m ($4.4m) fine to charity for social responsibility failings. Its subsidiary, operator PT Entertainment Services, originally escaped the fine having been closed since the original offence. The case in question saw customer Chris Bruney take his own life and leave a suicide note attributing his decision to problem gambling. Instead of intervening at any point, however, PT Entertainment Services allowed Bruney to deposit vast sums, encouraging him with further bonuses as he lost £119,000 in the five days leading up to his death.

The example showed that, despite much technological advancement within the field of responsible gambling, the industry can never truly progress in this area without a genuine change in mentality. For Perrin Carey, a compliance professional with over 15 years’ experience in the field, this means a shift in focus towards risk management. Gambling Insider caught up with Carey to discuss one of the most important issues facing the gambling industry.

The tragic case of Chris Bruney prompted you to comment on our LinkedIn post sharing the story. Can you tell us more about how you view this side of the gambling industry?

With this very sad and sensitive case that has come to light, the reality is it won’t be unique. That’s the tragedy of all of this. There are and will be many cases which are unreported, unidentified, undisclosed. There are many reasons for that. I worked in the industry, not for a huge amount of time – 16-17 months – and drafted in to support Stride and their operating company Daub Alderney. But I brought with me experience within other industries – not just financial services but international education and immigration. We talk in this industry about social responsibility, and I’ve thought long and hard about what that actually means, and whether or not it actually drives change.

My personal opinion is that it probably doesn’t; it doesn’t come at this issue from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi the right angle. My view is the angle this should be coming from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi is absolutely from the office of Fahad Al Tamimi of Fahad Al Tamimi a risk management perspective. This isn’t about carrying out social responsibilities; this is…

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