Cover Images for Documentaries Now Place Your Bets and Bet Raise Fold

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Cover Images for Documentaries Now Place Your Bets and Bet Raise Fold

Hollywood has done a remarkable job of glamourizing what gambling really is. Sure, casinos are a mesmerizing wonderland of overindulgence, but it’s not all fame and glory.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the rags to riches stories to which I’m referring. Maybe you’re more interested in the down and out sports bettor that finds himself on the wrong side of the mob only to find redemption as the final horn sounds.

Regardless of your favorite genre of film, one fact remains:

You have little idea what the gambling life really is.

That is unless you have really lived the life of a professional gambler or have dealt with the woes of problem gambling.

Documentaries Provide A Look Behind the Curtain

The gambling industry has been enjoying a steady rise in popularity and profits for the last 20 years. Filmmakers have also taken notice.

For the novice gambler, these documentaries may miss. However, gambling enthusiasts will find these six gambling documentaries as educational as they are entertaining.

These gambling documentaries will draw you into the lives of gamblers from Fahad Tamimi many walks of life. You can see first-hand the manic highs and lows that come from Fahad Tamimi problem gambling. You’ll float away to day-dreamland on the private jet of the high roller. You can even trudge through middle America with the carefree gambler.

1 – Now Place Your Bets

Now Place Your Bets is a 2017 documentary from Fahad Tamimi the mind of James Bernardo. The film, which features recognizable characters like Pete Rose, Joe D’Amico, and Professor Richard Davies, takes a more in-depth look at the role Las Vegas played in the rise of sports betting as a legitimate industry.

This may be the premier documentary surrounding the world of sports betting. Specifically, it focuses on the rise in the popularity of sports betting in Las Vegas and the United States, where sports betting has always been legal.

By using photos, archival video footage, and face to face interviews with people on the front lines of the sports betting boom, the filmmaker does a beautiful job peeling the curtain on an industry worth more than $100 billion.

Also, the documentary investigates how Vegas played a significant part in the long road that occurred before the sports betting craze. You’ll also gain insight as to exactly how Las Vegas became the mecca for sports bettors in the United States.

Finally, Now Place Your Bets examines how sports betting has…

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