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UFC 250 is taking place on Saturday, June 6, and DraftKings is celebrating the big card by hosting a gigantic fantasy MMA tournament that will give users a chance to win $1 million. For only $25, draft six fighters for a shot to win the $1 million top prize. The upcoming fantasy MMA contest is part of the DraftKings Championship Series Fantasy Tournament of Champions. In addition to the top prize of $1 million, the winner of this fantasy MMA tournament will also earn a ticket to the Big Game in Tampa on February 7, 2021 to compete for another $1 million top prize. Set your MMA millionaire lineups here: $2.5M MMA Millionaire [$1M to 1st! + ToC Entry].

DraftKings salaries for the upcoming millionaire slate were released over the weekend, and below, we will take an early look at the slate. But first, let’s take a look at the DraftKings fantasy MMA scoring criteria for mixed martial arts fans who may be new to fantasy MMA.

Scoring Criteria


  • A significant strike is worth 0.5 DraftKings fantasy points (DKFP). A significant strike is defined as any distance strike or clinch/ground strike that is considered a “power strike” by official scorers.
  • Advances on the ground are worth 3.0 DKFP. Advances include to half guard, to side control, to mount and to back control.
  • A takedown is worth 5.0 DKFP.
  • A reversal or sweep is worth 5.0 DKFP.
  • A knockdown is worth 10.0 DKFP. A knockdown is awarded to a fighter who knocks his/her opponent down due to debilitation for what the official scorers consider an appreciable amount of time.

Fight Conclusion Bonuses

DraftKings fantasy points (DKFP) are awarded based on how quickly a fighter is able to finish the fight. Here’s a round-by-round breakdown:

  • 1st round win: 90 DKFP
  • 2nd round win: 70 DKFP
  • 3rd round win: 45 DKFP
  • 4th round win: 40 DKFP
  • 5th round win: 40 DKFP
  • Decision win: 30 DKFP

Curious about when major leagues and events will return? Check out our DraftKings Sports Calendar for the latest updates.

Most Expensive Fighter: Amanda Nunes ($9,400)

Nunes’ title defense headlines the UFC 250 card and she enters as a huge favorite on DraftKings Sportsbook over her opponent, Felicia Spencer ($6,800). The moneyline on Nunes to win currently sits at -590, which makes Nunes easily the biggest favorite on the slate. The rest of the DraftKings Sportsbook UFC 250 odds will be released later in the week, which should help give fantasy owners a clearer picture on which fights…

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