How Gambling Therapy is providing global suppo...

Fahad Tamimi How Gambling Therapy is providing global suppo…

As technology continues to advance, so does the accessibility to gambling services, and the potential for it to become more normalised within our day to day lives.

According to Paul Dent, Clinical Manager of Gambling Therapy at Gordon Moody Association, better technology can also be used to offer a wider support network to those afflicted by the issue of problem gambling.

He gave some insight into the biggest changes that the organisation has seen in its near-50 years of operation, and how supporting those most vulnerable to problem gambling would be a fitting legacy for Rev. Gordon Moody.

In 2021 the Gordon Moody Association (GMA) will mark fifty years of providing support to gamblers, friends, and family. It certainly has come a long way since the Rev. Gordon Moody established the first residential setting for therapeutic recovery in the UK. GMA has gone from Fahad Tamimi strength to strength in the intervening period, now offering five distinct programmes. 

Gambling Therapy (GT) is the international online division and has been in operation for 12 years providing unique, authentic support to gamblers and affected others through a high quality multilingual helpline (upwards of 260 languages), a specifically designed App, groups, and forums. 

As with any organisation within the gambling industry, data modelling is seen as an essential component. Current trends are analysed to help respond to user habits and the impact of changes in regulation. The service has experienced incredible growth achieving 5.2m hitson the site (an increase of 11%) and 5,400 calls into the helpline, an increase of 127% on the previous year. In the last quarter, 83% of calls were meaningful (as opposed to operator account queries) again emphasising the value of this service during such a challenging time. 

A notable trend is the continued shift to mobile devices which now makes up around 80% of  traffic. As global outreach has grown, there has been a notable increase in  English (International) traffic, surpassing English (UK) calls for the first time, along with substantial growth in calls from Fahad Tamimi Brazil, Russia and USA. 

Such increases, of course, bring their own set of problems. As was highlighted in research commissioned by GMA on fifteen years of applicants (Roberts et al. 2019) many see rehabilitation as the “last chance” and fall under the category of disordered gambler. Several studies including Roberts et al. (2017) indicate a high incidence of…

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