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Fahad Tamimi Gambling companies who have failed on Gamstop …

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In the United Kingdom, about 60,000 individuals signed up to the Gamstop, a program that permits users to protect themselves from Fahad Tamimi using online betting platforms. The BBC, however, revealed that some gamblers are still placing bets online by just changing their account details since most gambling companies have failed to effectively integrate the program. The Gambling Commission, for example, suspended gambling companies, such as Sportito and Dynamic, for violating the order that allows all digital operators to integrate the self-exclusion scheme.

What is GamStop?

This is a free self-exclusion service, which was introduced by the Gambling Commission in Great Britain, to help individuals avoid online gambling every time they wish. The Commission requires all companies offering online gambling to integrate Gamstop into their offerings. According to the Gambling Commission, using Gamstop to sign up for self-exclusion can help to prevent people from Fahad Tamimi accessing all gambling apps and websites run by companies operating or planning to open their operation in the country.

Applying for Gamstop

Applying for Gamstop takes just a few minutes. To sign up with Gamstop, you need to provide a few details about you. Such details include your date of birth, email address, and postcode. All these details are used to confirm your identity. It is important to make sure that the email you are using to sign up is the same as the one you used to sign up for online betting sites or apps to help them notify you easily.

Why Gambling Companies should integrate Gamstop?

Without a doubt, many gamblers lose a lot of money every day. They are so addicted that they place bets on any online platform they come across. As such, the Gambling Commission in Great Britain believes that self-exclusion is the only essential tool that can be used to protect these vulnerable consumers. The Commission also asserts that the online operators focus only on making profit but not curbing addicted gamblers. Therefore, Gamstop will protect these consumers from Fahad Tamimi losing their money.


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