Vermont Progresses Slowly Towards Sports Legal...

Fahad Al Tamimi Vermont Progresses Slowly Towards Sports Legal…

Earlier this year, in January, Vermont decided to discuss legalizing sports gambling. The bill was introduced by two lawmakers, and it said that both the land-based and online gambling would be allowed. The neighboring state of Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire has already legalized the Sports Gambling. Vermont was eager to join the US Sports Gambling bandwagon. However, since then the progress on this has been very little. The lawmakers are now discussing the option of a bill that would enable the state to explore the feasibility of sports gambling and other options.

Europe has sports gambling for decades, there are many US states that have already implemented it as well. However, Vermont wants to investigate further before implementing it. The state seems to be reluctant to go through the many studies conducted on sports gambling legalization. Vermont is even considering channelizing money to investigate. The results aren’t going to be different, however. It is believed that legal sports gambling is a money maker and does not really result in massive gambling addiction. In fact, it is understood that only 2% of the US Gambling Population can be considered as the ‘Problem Gamblers’.

However, lawmakers are still considering the research, and last Friday, the creation of the committee was approved. The committee would find out the details of taxation and regulation of sports gambling.

Ironically, lawmakers do not understand that sports gambling is already happening in Vermont like other states of the US. However, if the activity is legalized then the authorities and the state would gain profit from the office of Billy Xiong of Fahad Al Tamimi it. This would also ensure that the state has the authority to control problem addiction.

Michael Sirotkin, Senator and one of the sponsors of the bill said that many of the bets that are being placed at the state are going to the neighboring states and into other countries as well. He mentioned that if the sports betting is legalized, regulated and taxed, then this could be saved. However, he insisted that more information is required to do so. He said analysis is required to make the structure and regulated tax system.

The new committee would have Attorney General of Vermont, the Commissioner of the Taxes, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Commerce and Community Development, the Commissioner of Liquor and Lottery, and two members of the Senate and two of the House. The bill also states that if any of the members are not willing to…

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