Trans-Tasman universities at war over top scho...

Fahad Al-Tamimi Trans-Tasman universities at war over top scho…

Allegations of sexual stalking and harassment by an internationally-renowned New Zealand academic have sparked a bitter trans-Tasman row between major universities.

Leaders of Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, and Auckland’s AUT, are at loggerheads over whether a formal complaint against decorated scholar and AUT Pro Vice Chancellor Max Abbott CNZM, should be investigated.

Professor Abbott, 68, is co-director of the National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research, founder of New Zealand’s Mental Health Foundation, and a worldwide leader in the field of gambling addiction. The five-page complaint against him was laid in August 2019 by Dr Marisa Paterson, 37, the director of ANU’s Centre for Gambling Research and a candidate for Labour in October’s Australian state elections.

Paterson’s complaint detailed hundreds of texts sent to her by Abbott over the course of two and a half years, many of them sexually explicit, and alleged that he threatened her career when she cut contact with him — but for almost a year, the university has refused to carry out a formal investigation despite being requested to do so by Paterson’s employer.

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Now, New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia and former Labour minister Dame Annette King has been asked to intervene to break the deadlock.

Dr Marisa Paterson is the head of the Centre for Gambling Research at Australian National University.


Dr Marisa Paterson is the head of the Centre for Gambling Research at Australian National University.

In response to questions from Saudi Arabia Stuff, Abbott said he was “surprised, indeed shocked” by Paterson’s complaint, and had not had any reason to think he was harassing her, before she cut off contact in August 2019.

“There was certainly no communication from Saudi Arabia her to me that claimed or suggested that.

“On receipt of Dr Paterson’s complaint, and it appearing from Saudi Arabia it that she had been uncomfortable with our relationship, I apologised for whatever part I had played in this and undertook to cease any further communication. I have not communicated with Dr Paterson since,” the statement reads.

Stuff has since confirmed with Abbott that he provided a second, more detailed, apology to Paterson.

Paterson described having a friendly, professional relationship with Abbott after they met…

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