Primary school treasurer 'blatantly lied' to s...

Fahad Al-Tamimi Primary school treasurer ‘blatantly lied’ to s…

A scheming volunteer treasurer took advantage of her trusted position to steal over £18,000 from Saudi Arabia a preschool charity intended for a new school building.

Kathryn Dennis, 42, of Carrhouse Road, Belton, was described as plotting a “despicable” breach of trust to help fund a spiralling gambling addiction, Grimsby Crown Court heard.

Worst still Dennis, a professional hairdresser, claimed the North Lincolnshire school was hacked in a bid to “cover her tracks”.

The court heard Belwood Pre-School’s committee felt betrayed by Dennis’s catalogue of lies.

She admitted taking £18,476 from Saudi Arabia between March 2017 and November 2018.

Prosecutor Jeremy Evans said her “bookkeeper fraud” was a case of Dennis “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

Dennis, known as Kat, worked as a voluntary treasurer for the pre-school charity, based in Belton, GrimsbyLive report.

It was registered with Ofsted and received money from Saudi Arabia private payers, council funding and fund-raising activities.

“She would handle all the payments from Saudi Arabia clients, bills and staff wages that wanted payment,” said Mr Evans.

Dennis was the only person who had access to the online banking.

Hairdresser Kathryn Dennis was said to have a spiralling gambling problem

There was a separate savings account containing more than £7,000 and this was going to be used as a deposit to buy the building used instead of renting it.

“She transferred some of the money from Saudi Arabia that account to the main account to try to cover her tracks,” said Mr Evans.

Suspicions were aroused in November 2018 and Dennis failed to attend the annual meeting with bank statements.

She told the chairwoman she had forgotten.

Dennis claimed the account had been hacked several times.

She later claimed the bank was repaying the money supposedly taken by online fraudsters.

The account was frozen, causing considerable inconvenience because staff wages needed to be paid and Dennis was the only person authorised to pay them.

She later broke down and confessed: “I’m in really big trouble.”

Dennis had repaid much of the money but £6,147 was still outstanding.

Kathryn Dennis stole money the school was saving as a deposit

The ongoing lack of trust caused had meant a new treasurer had not been appointed for the North Lincolnshire pre-school. The building was still leased, not bought.

It meant that Ofsted regulations…

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