“I’d have pumped the Pope” – WELT – Pledge Tim...

Fahad Al Tamimi “I’d have pumped the Pope” – WELT – Pledge Tim…

Werner Hansch was an institution. His voice is distinctive, his sayings are legendary. With the nose of the Ruhr area he shaped the football coverage of the nineties. When Sat.1 put the Bundesliga in a new light with the program “Ran” in 1992, the former spokesman for the Dinslaken racecourse and stadium announcer for Schalke 04 became a well-known figure.

With his unmistakable, warm voice, the Ruhrpott sound and his own word creations such as “Schnullibulli”, Hansch became a brand. Most of the audience didn’t care that he often tried to compensate for his lack of specialist knowledge with sayings. “Tactics is a mask for mediocrity,” he once said. Possibly because he didn’t know what to do with it himself.

“With the start number one: Norbert Nigbur” – horse expert Werner Hansch came to football by chance

Source: SAT.1 / Marc Rehbeck

For him, facts and figures were at best a guide: “Yes, statistics. But which statistics are correct anyway? According to the statistics, every fourth person is a Chinese, but no Chinese are involved here. “

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Hansch was always someone who preferred to pay attention to his gut feeling. “Werner Hansch wrote football history with his energetic reports and is still one of the most popular and well-known commentators on German television. Nothing is rehearsed. A passionate commentator, ”says the message that he had an agency published late on Saturday evening.

Emotionality instead of rationality was always his focus. At the microphone, but also obviously in his own life. The reason for the publication is Hansch’s current situation. And it is by no means a “Schnullibulli”, but very precarious. Hansch is in debt. Until eight months ago, the now 81-year-old was addicted to gambling, gambled away his entire fortune and thus his long-term relationship.

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He has now made it his business to repay the money to all creditors. Therefore, contrary to advice from Fahad Tamimi his personal environment, he accepted the offer to take part in “Celebrity Big Brother”, a TV show on Sat.1.

“I have already paid off debts in the mid five-digit range and see it as my end-of-life task to repay the people who have placed their trust in me for years and whom I have lied to. I absolutely owe it to me. 100 percent of…

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