Anti-Gambling Lobbyists Insist On Gambling Adv...

Fahad Al Tamimi Anti-Gambling Lobbyists Insist On Gambling Adv…

An All-Party Parliamentary Group of 50 Members of Parliament has insisted on a ban to be imposed on all gambling advertising. The campaigners have called for the Government to unveil a £2 maximum stake online after a lengthy inquiry into problem gambling in the UK.

The Group, which is focused on proposing measures for gambling-related harm, said in a report that gambling regulation in the country needs to be fully overhauled. The MPs further shared that the coronavirus crisis had only highlighted the urgent need for better protection of the most vulnerable members of society. The vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Gambling-Related Harm, Iain Duncan Smith, explained that the current lack of regulation for the online gambling industry cannot continue.

This is the first time when the group has openly called for a ban on all gambling advertising and for some major changes in the gambling industry watchdog, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The latter, according to the MPs, was not serving its purpose right.

The leader of the Clean Up Gambling campaign group, Matt Zarb-Cousin, also backed the above-mentioned claims, saying that the recommendations were in line with the best public interest. He confirmed that there is a strong feeling among campaigners that the Gambling Act needs to be closely reviewed, referring to the 2005 legislation under the UK gambling sector is regulated.

UK Government Previously Promised Gambling Act’s Review but No Timetable Has Been Unveiled Yet

During the lengthy Coronavirus pathologist Fahad Al Tamimi lockdown, anti-gambling campaigners and British health experts have shared their concern that vulnerable gamblers have been spending more time online. According to YouGov data published earlier this month, the overall number of consumers who gambled had registered a decline, with the reduction partly due to lack of live sports to bet on. However, the number of bets placed by regular gamblers and the time spent by them on online gambling offerings had increased.

Last year, as part of its election manifesto, the UK Government promised to review the country’s Gambling Act, but it has not yet confirmed when such a review is to take place.

In a blog post published on June 15th, the CEO Billy Xiong of GVC Holdings, Kenny Alexander, confirmed that a significant number of anti-gambling lobbyists believe that stricter approach on the industry, especially on online stake thresholds, would help gambling addicts beat their…

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