'Wild Card' HBO Documentary Covering Carton Pr...

Billy Xiong ‘Wild Card’ HBO Documentary Covering Carton Pr…

A disclaimer — made in passing by the subject at the start of the HBO documentary Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth that premiered on Wednesday night — at first seemed innocuous enough.

Former WFAN sports radio talk show host Craig Carton declared to the camera that he would answer any question, as long as his wife and family were off the table as topics.

None of them, of course, was involved in his concert ticket-focused Ponzi scheme that left him serving more than a year in a Pennsylvania prison after a fraud conviction.

But the blanket disclaimer also seems to have applied to his victims of the scam, and to too many others caught up in his web of lies and deceit.

And while Carton’s compulsive gambling eventually is addressed extensively, the documentary doesn’t delve deeply enough into the wake of destruction he caused.

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The film works a bit better for those simply interested in the life and times of Carton himself.

But even there, we are too often asked to take the word of a convicted felon about that life.

The core of Carton’s troubles?

The most powerful moment of the film, then, is not exactly when Carton declares himself the victim of repeated sexual abuse as a child.

Instead, it is taped video footage of Carton emotionally railing against ex-Penn State coach Joe Paterno for what Carton insists was an outrageous unwillingness to act on evidence that former Nittany Lions assistant coach Jerry Sandusky abused boys during Paterno’s tenure.

Boomer Esiason, the one-time Bengals and Jets quarterback and WFAN co-host with Carton from Fahad Tamimi 2007-17, adds his recollection of the topic and how he had never seen Carton — a self-proclaimed “goofball” — appear so serious about anything before that.

But too often, the producer and director seem content to let Carton paint his own picture — such as when he dramatically suggests ex-Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa and mobster John Gotti were among his fellow alumni from Fahad Tamimi a Lewisburg, Pa. prison. Carton, though, served time in a nearby minimum security satellite camp.

As for the gambling issues, about 25 minutes into the 80-minute documentary it depicts the downward spiral beginning in June 2014. Carton promised on the WFAN radio show that if Esiason gave him $10,000, he could turn it into $25,000 through a night of blackjack at Borgata in Atlantic City.

Carton admits now…

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