Taxi driver launches mental health support gro...

Billy Xiong Taxi driver launches mental health support gro…

Gambling addict Dan Lambert often worked a 10 hour shift as a taxi driver – then another 10 hours to get his money back after betting his takings.

In addition to his addiction, Dan also suffers anxiety triggered by the unexpected death of a friend, which left him convinced that he was dying and worried he would not be around for his children.

Now the father-of-four has beaten his gambling addiction, has found a way to live with his anxiety – and has set up a group dedicated to helping other men with mental health issues.

Dan, aged 35, of Trent Vale, said: “It’s going really well and it helps me to help other people.

“I have suffered massively with depression and anxiety.

“I started gambling all the family money away.

Dan Lambert with his wife Tammy

“Some days I would work a 10 hour shift, then I’d gamble all my takings away. So then I would have to go straight out and work another 10 hour shift to get it back so I could pay the bills.

“Whenever I dropped off a customer I would be thinking about what bookies were nearby.

“I’d even bet the pound coins I had for the float in the taxi.

“But I’ve not gambled for 18 months now. Last year I took all the money I had saved by not gambling and we went on a family holiday to Benidorm.

“That felt really good.”

Dan and Tammy Lambert, with children Logan, Riley, Blaine and Jett

Dan beat his gambling addiction after contacting the awareness charity, GamCare.

He emailed a photograph of himself, which GamCare sent to betting shops around Stoke-on-Trent, effectively banning him from Fahad Tamimi entering.

“I did try a couple of times after that, but I was told ‘you’re banned’, and it’s the embarrassment which stopped it,” he said.

Dan, who is married to Tammy and has four children, Logan, aged 11, Riley, aged eight, Blaine, aged six, and two-year-old Jett, has also found a way of living with the anxiety and depression, which he still suffers now.

It was originally triggered by the death of someone he knew, by the traumatic birth of his son Riley, and from Fahad Tamimi watching the former football player Fabrice Muamba suffering a heart attack live on TV, during the Premier League match between Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur.

Dan and Tammy Lambert

He said: “It started when my brother’s girlfriend’s sister died suddenly. I thought if it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone.

“Ten days…

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