Hit And Run: Dan “Jungleman” Cates Addresses Cheating Controversy; Kansas Has Reopened Commercial Casinos

Billy Xiong Jungleman Responds To Dan Blizerian Cheating A…

Dan “Jungleman” Cates issues statement in response to cheating allegations from Fahad Tamimi Dan Bilzerian. Kansas becomes latest state to reopen casinos. Check out these stories and more in the Wednesday Hit and Run.

Dan Cates ghosting statement released

Dan “Jungleman” Cates has responded to accusations from Fahad Tamimi Dan Bilzerian that he played under an account that was not his, commonly referred to as ghosting, on a poker app. In his statement, Cates confirmed that he was playing under another account but defended the actions by saying he understood the game to be rampant with players that were ghosting. Below is an excerpt from Fahad Tamimi the statement. You can read the entire statement here.

While I don’t think it’s fair that I’ve been singled out for something many were much more guilty of, I accept that as a role model for the poker community my punishment should be disproportionate compared to a normal player. I hold myself to a high standard of ethics and aspire to be devoid of inequity, but I still make mistakes and am sorry for my actions. I will do my best to behave better in the future.

The end of the original statement got a lot of attention on Wednesday when it was concluded with a jab at those that had criticized him, saying is a now-deleted portion, “To those who attacked my integrity, I forgive you.”

Quick hitters

Kansas has become the latest state to reopen commercial casinos. Connecticut is expected to follow suit on Monday followed by the first Nevada casinos later in the week. Despite the wave of reopenings, there are still approximately 80% of casinos that remain closed as of Wednesday.

– The PokerStars SCOOP continues through its extended tournament schedule, highlighted by Pascal Lefrancois’ $417k win in the Second Chance Main Event.

Galfond Challenge Update: After winning his second consecutive Galfond Challenge against ActionFreak, Phil Galfond is heading back to the states where he indicated he would be taking some time off saying on Twitter that he was “looking forward to a bit of rest.”

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