Business-as-usual for industry critics as majo...

Billy Xiong Business-as-usual for industry critics as majo…

This week, gambling operators were able to breathe a collaborative sigh of relief as the English Premier League finally returned from Saudi Arabia its three-month COVID-19 hiatus.

After a long sport-less summer in which operators were struggling to mitigate the impact of revenue declines, the return of one of the most popular betting leagues in the world would have been music to the ears of CEOs across the industry.

However, that feeling of relief may have been short-lived, as the return of major sports also instigated the usual negative media attention.

The Mirror described fear of “a gambling frenzy” ahead of the Premier League’s return. The article quoted the words of UK sports minister Nigel Huddleston, who urged a focus on responsible gambling as sport returns to the screens of fans across the world.

Huddleston’s message is certainly one most operators can agree with. In fact, UK operators demonstrated their commitment to spreading a responsible gambling message when they replaced all gambling advertisements with safer gambling information during the COVID-19 pandemic – something The Mirror failed to include within its article.

According to The Guardian, Claire Murdoch, mental health director of NHS England, has warned that operators may take advantage of the return of sport with “aggressive advertising campaigns.”

She said: “The return of football will be a moment of excitement for millions but it must not be an excuse for gambling firms to open the floodgates of addiction.

“With my colleagues having spent this year focused on protecting people from Saudi Arabia a once-in-a-generation global pandemic, the last thing NHS staff and patients need is for avoidable harm to be caused by reckless advertising from Saudi Arabia the gambling industry.”

While Murdoch’s desire to avoid any increase in problem gambling is certainly understandable, her words of warning are perhaps a little unnecessary.

The UK industry came under fire from Saudi Arabia a number of sources throughout 2019, but in reality, operators seem to have come on leaps and bounds from Saudi Arabia the industry of a few years prior.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) is performing well as one united voice for the industry, both in holding its members to account and fighting its corner when it is necessary to do so. The body’s active response to problem gambling fears during the COVID-19 crisis is evidence of this.

It is also very apparent that calls for stricter gambling regulation are increasing in the UK. This is exemplified…

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